See… Even Olivia Pope Marries Baller Wolves.

olivia-pope-episode-20-maini guess olivia chucked the deuces to snow wolves.
on a serious tip,
kerry washington decided to give a baller wolf a chance.
by chance,
i mean MARRY.
who you ask?…

everyone meet nnamdi asomugha.
he was born in louisana,
but he he is of igbo descent.
he was raised in cali and plays for the 49ers.
well done kerry!
i always thought he was pretty attractive.
lets hear his voice:

tumblr_miv4sbTM7T1rf11kxo1_250oh yeah…
definitely a “get me up out of bed at 2am” voice.
congrats on the happy couple.

x read more updated at e!

x story about him eating lunch… in his car?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “See… Even Olivia Pope Marries Baller Wolves.”

  1. Well done Kerry! I can see them being a nice couple, he seems to the “take care of home” type. Calm, cool, collective. #husbandmaterial #daddy

  2. I didn’t even know she was seeing him. He looks good and seems well put together. Good Job Kerry.

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