WOLF MEAT: (321)

tumblr_mpdq4xtN0n1s2l33so1_500you like em fun sized?
well look no further.
he is fun sized and has a real career.
two things that usually don’t go together….

everyone meet donovan lamar:

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 5.40.39 PMhe is a celebrity make up artist and he comes stacked:

he’s pretty cute.
looks like he knows he is cute too.
that could be trouble so you have been warned.
if you do want to get at him,
you should get him to do your vixen friend make up.
that would be a good start for contact.

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x see his work

lowkey: i wonder who in the industry is bangin’ him out?
who will be after today?

8 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (321)

  1. He is soooo damn adorable. He looks like he could jackhammer and Chinese-split the hell out of some paynis.

  2. I couldn’t even think if I would smash or not. My dick already said yes for me lol. Lovin the hand stands too. That could come in handy.

  3. Can we get a picture without the make up? I’ve fucked with this type and they all end up being messy queens. Wolves beware!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I see the make up too, but only in one pic. He’s a make artist, maybe it was for a tutorial idk. I may b in denial lol. I can’t get over his handstands tho. That shit is sexy.

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