i’ve had plenty of girl crushes before.
i’m gay but still allowed to find vixen’s beautiful.
last night,
i realized something…

I had a huge crush on Vivica A. Fox when I was a kid.

i came to that conclusion when i saw viv do this recent tiktok “they call me” challenge


putting my little fires out / “there will always be another place”

last night,
i got swept up into a show on hulu that took me under until 5am.
as you can imagine,
i’m tired af,
but it was well worth it.
the show was called

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Fishplates Will Be Served After (Bruvvah James)


Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 9.28.10 AMwelp if you watched scandal this week for the conclusion to #whogotshot,
you know james novak was killed.
personally i thought he was way too nosy,
extremely annoying,
and overstepped his boundaries many times.
i will say this…
i cried during the last ten minutes.
shonda knows how to kill a tv character,
don’t she?
may james and his uncontrolled “doing too much” RIP.

x watch it here

Are We The Foxhole or Are We Bitches?

scandal is off to a damn good start for season 3.

i missed this show terribly over the summer.
olivia pope makes me feel so alive.
i love how she solves problems.
they show should teach you how celeb teams solve issues as well.
i’m a proud #gladiatorfox.
tonight’s episode really goes to show that you can be perfect,
play by the rules,
and rescue cats from trees in your spare time.
as soon as a scandal breaks and your name is on the package
suddenly everyone is “returning to sender”.
“how they gonna set up…”
i don’t want to give to much away,

x watch this and watch this now

lowkey: abby looks great,
harrison and fitz look like sex,
and melly looks amazing.
season 3 brought top notch make up artists and stylists.

ASSumptions Made A Bigger Ass Than The One On Your Back

MjAxMi1jMmNjNDljZWM3Yzc3NGNii love when people assume something about someone,
think of it as the truth,
and are left confused and disappointed when the opposite happens?
the sistas on message boards and comment boxes are in shock.
i love it!!!
i love how everyone assumed kerry washington loved snow wolves.
had me thinking it my damn self…

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See… Even Olivia Pope Marries Baller Wolves.

olivia-pope-episode-20-maini guess olivia chucked the deuces to snow wolves.
on a serious tip,
kerry washington decided to give a baller wolf a chance.
by chance,
i mean MARRY.
who you ask?…

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