ASSumptions Made A Bigger Ass Than The One On Your Back

MjAxMi1jMmNjNDljZWM3Yzc3NGNii love when people assume something about someone,
think of it as the truth,
and are left confused and disappointed when the opposite happens?
the sistas on message boards and comment boxes are in shock.
i love it!!!
i love how everyone assumed kerry washington loved snow wolves.
had me thinking it my damn self…

i’m here reading up on kerry washington marrying nnamdi,
getting a little background on him and i gotta say: she did good.
he is an educated baller wolf who is heavily involved within the community.
one would not know that.
well assume that.
  “football player” = “asshole”.
i always believed there are “aint shit” wolves in every field of success.
hell some of these people getting played by hoodrats and bums.
hell you could meet a reformed porno star that will change your life for the better.
…and fuck your brains out.

i’m more impressed with the fact she kept this whole thing on the low.
that is what has me cheering for her tonight.
she’s been dating this wolf for a year.
married since last month.
no one knew.
she pulled a janet secret marriage on us.
i have been following kerry washington since scandal.
i like her style and her focus.
she is well becoming one of my favorite black actresses.
she is also very business saavy.
she dropped this bomb as she scored the august vanity fair for next week. about having your pr in order.
another thing i have noticed about her is she keeps her business under wraps.
we are so use to these attention whores dropping every single detail.
nothing is private anymore.
i’m surprised kanye and kim haven’t whored their newborn out yet.

b7474nwothat is how i want to be with my relationships.
some things need to be for just you.
i’ll blog about certain things,
but the rest is between me and him.
as it should be.

lowkey: i’m wondering who else is dating someone and keeping it a secret?

6 thoughts on “ASSumptions Made A Bigger Ass Than The One On Your Back

  1. My mom and I went bizurk when we found out that she got married, because we didnt even know she had a man, let alone a black one. I am happy for her. She shocked the shit out of me. Kerry was all over my Internet and news feeds, she has officially become a household name. I am truly happy for her.

  2. Give Kerry a Goldstar, I have never watched a episode of scandal and dont really know too much about her except that she is the new hot chick everybody talks about. I honestly thought that she would probably be into white dudes, so glad to know that she is not a attention whore and she keeps her personal life well personal. I remember before the election that they were trying to tie her to the President, just lets you know that the media will say and do anything to sell a story. I have never heard one bad thing about this dude, I always get him confused with actor Derek Luke, he is very handsome, and they make a beautiful couple. Hooray for Black Love.

  3. Omg @ her being married to the ball player i used to lust over. Small ass world.

  4. i knew asomugha was educated he was never ‘ratchet”… he’s not “turning up” shit, he never was in “baby mama” drama or “tatted the fuck up” life.. So no assumptions could have been made, he CLEARLY marked himself as a distinct man – His parents (Igbo parents don’t play that) won’t play that.. that’s that ghetto shit

    Dad holds a doctorate in engineering degree, his mum a pharmacist or vis-a-vis. He is a UCLA alum
    Kerry’s mum is a Professor and Consultant, her dad a Realtor and she iis a GW alum – ACHIEVERS.

    She liked Moscow because he too was educated and into making moves.. I support this marriage.

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