When A Baller Wolf Knocks You Down…

flattened_woman_by_secretgoombaman12345she learned that day…

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ASSumptions Made A Bigger Ass Than The One On Your Back

MjAxMi1jMmNjNDljZWM3Yzc3NGNii love when people assume something about someone,
think of it as the truth,
and are left confused and disappointed when the opposite happens?
the sistas on message boards and comment boxes are in shock.
i love it!!!
i love how everyone assumed kerry washington loved snow wolves.
had me thinking it my damn self…

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Everyone Meet My Brand New Piece of Pussy.

it has two definitions.
it can be that thing you have on your face when you don’t shave for 2 weeks.
like, now.
baby when do you plan on getting a cut?
you look terrible.
or it could be:

the big breasted,
shiny haired,
“look like you have good pussy”,
vixen you usually saw in your dreams or a magazine spread for bras.
today foxhole,
we gonna talk about the beard,
or to some of us:

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I Want Mechad Brook’s To Give Me Some “Necessary Roughness”

Wouldn’t you like him to rough you up?
I know I would.
I would let him rough me up alllll night like he did that chick in True Blood (click here).

Jamari: we are making an entry.

Mechad Brooks has been pretty busy.
He was on True Blood,
and now he is on a new show called Necessary Roughness.
He plays a Baller Wolf named, “TK“.

I never saw the show a day in my life,
but I can tell you right now,
I’ll be checking it out based on these pictures…

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Incomplete Pass

R E J E C T E D.

I know you must be wondering why I am posting a blog at damn near 5am in the morning.
No, I am not drunk or high.
I am not crying in my hands listening to Mary J Blige.
Well I should be…

Tonight a Fox got rejected by a football player…
… and I am kinda tite/not really/maybe I will be later…

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