when i’m going through something in life or things are out of control,
i will listen to a purely ignorant pop record ad-nauseum.
a few years year,
i remember that time i was hooked on “teenage dream” by katy perry.
i was working at insert stressful ass job here and that record was like literal candy.
i listened to it going and coming from work every day.
it took me outta that reality and into this “not so serious” situation she created with that album.

i can’t even listen to it anymore because it’s played out for me.

Side-word: Right now,
I’m listening to “Confession on a Dance Floor” from Madonna.
That is when I’m not listening to “Mother” from Cleo Sol and “So Far Gone” from Drake.

we are very protective over our black legends.
we always look at people crazy when they even attempt to sing a “whitney”.
katy did just that at her residency in vegas.
she attempted to sing “greatest love of all” and…


Did Zayn Mailk Do Beyonce Any Sort Of Justice?

i liked zayn malik‘s first album.
i mean,
i listened to it once or twice,
but i was really into what i heard.
well he is coming out with a second album,
but he decided to cover the beyonce track,
“me, myself, and i”.
he did it as some kind of weird teaser.
that is one of my favorite tracks from her.
this is his effort via his “twitter”

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“How To Create Illusions” Taught by Milan Christopher?

so a f-bi sent me in a treat via email about milan christopher.
it was about his “paper magazine” spread.
he wasn’t the cover story and made up his own narrative.
this is a snapshot of a convo posted on insta-snap
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Barbie Shows You What Plastic Body Parts Can Get You

021214-SI-Barbie-IA.vadapt.955.medium.34so barbie gets the cover on sports illustrated.
nicki minaj would be so proud.
they put her on the cover to boost her image.
my question is:
why is a doll,
that girls are known to play with,
on a major sports afflicted magazine?
isn’t that kinda… odd?
well the men who read tend to like their hoe’s body parts in plastic anyway.
i guess its about time she get her props.

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RG3 Put Me Under A Spell With My Baller Wolf Weakness

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.00.14 PMrg3,
pusha t and andre 3000 long lost brother,
is going to make me like him.

he is going to make me want him.
okay so i wont go that far.
well he decided to wear some nice clothes to get my attention.
my weakness!
l he copped the september cover for gq an…

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ASSumptions Made A Bigger Ass Than The One On Your Back

MjAxMi1jMmNjNDljZWM3Yzc3NGNii love when people assume something about someone,
think of it as the truth,
and are left confused and disappointed when the opposite happens?
the sistas on message boards and comment boxes are in shock.
i love it!!!
i love how everyone assumed kerry washington loved snow wolves.
had me thinking it my damn self…

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