“How To Create Illusions” Taught by Milan Christopher?

so a f-bi sent me in a treat via email about milan christopher.
it was about his “paper magazine” spread.
he wasn’t the cover story and made up his own narrative.
this is a snapshot of a convo posted on insta-snap

i mean…

we have all followed milan through the foxhole over the years.

Are his attentionisto antics really surprising?

i wonder if he has smashed rappers and baller wolves?
he seems to careless with his business,
but you know some of these d/l love to fuck dangerously.

6 thoughts on ““How To Create Illusions” Taught by Milan Christopher?

  1. when you don’t have talent to back you up.
    its a damn shame that Milan will go to any length for fame.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprise if he’s done it with a rapper or baller (maybe none of the a-list). While he is attention seeking he has the look a lot go for

  3. He Has a Beautiful Body! he has put in the work and is doing his Thang! I say More Power to Him! If I were so Lucky I would never throw him out of my bed!! I am sure if he is not a complete idiot his date book is full of people that might surprise all of us!! LOL

  4. On TMZ Live the day the pics came out he said his photoshoot would NOT be in the magazine.He said it would only be on the Paper Magazine website.He also said that in his comments that you can only see the pics on Paper website.So apparently by the time he did the interview with TMZ Live about 12:30 pm LA time they got through to him.

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