So I Watched “Tales” On BET and Well…

my mind is blown.
so ever since i saw the previews for irv gotti’s new show,
“tales” on bet,
it piqued my interest.
from his description,
every episode would be it different situations based off hip hop songs.
tonight’s debut episode was called “f**k the police”.

thank god i have sling tv.
tonight’s episode was the role reversal of whites being blacks.
whites being the minority.
they lived in the projects,
while the blacks lived in the suburbs.
this episode centered around a snow wolf was killed by the police.
his friend happened to see it and was going to testify.
of course…

i don’t want to give it away because it was that good.
i really want the foxhole to watch because i think you’ll enjoy it.
clifton powell,
boris kodjoe,
and nafessa williams did so well in their roles!!
irv gotti clearly had no fucks to give and he has a hit on his hands.
i can’t wait to see the episode topics with lance gross,
woody mcclain,
mc lyte,
and keith powers.

now ima just say it…
they casted some fine ass snow wolves for this episode.
chester hanks,
who is the son of tom hanks

…was one of them.
deep down,
i ( x don’t think ) he was acting tho.
he is also packing major cake too.
another was someone i never saw before

matthew noszka.
he is a full time model,
but now he is made all of us horny in his first role.

i’ll allow this show and i can’t wait to see more!
“tales” returns to bet on july 11th!

lowkey: irv went in on the minor details tho.
this was hanging on the wall in one of the brother’s room…

i can’t.

4 thoughts on “So I Watched “Tales” On BET and Well…

  1. I just watched the first episode. I wanna see what the rest is gonna be like.

  2. I’ve heard great reviews so I might just tune in..

    And also, Matthew is actually a fashion model who actually gets real modelling bookings (moschino, balmain, phillip plein etc.) lol, put some respek on his name. Milan Christopher is an “IG model”

  3. I too watched and I was blown away I felt that if slavery had not happened blacks too would be in a better place.The life we had was taken to make them where they are and will always be 1st

  4. Nice. Will definitely look into it.
    Thanks for recommending
    Also, Matthew is an actual full time model on big magazine and fashion house campaigns and not your regular IG Model
    Watched this interview with him on Ellen and apparently he was discovered accidentally on IG after he posted a picture with his Dad some years back

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