when i’m going through something in life or things are out of control,
i will listen to a purely ignorant pop record ad-nauseum.
a few years year,
i remember that time i was hooked on “teenage dream” by katy perry.
i was working at insert stressful ass job here and that record was like literal candy.
i listened to it going and coming from work every day.
it took me outta that reality and into this “not so serious” situation she created with that album.

i can’t even listen to it anymore because it’s played out for me.

Side-word: Right now,
I’m listening to “Confession on a Dance Floor” from Madonna.
That is when I’m not listening to “Mother” from Cleo Sol and “So Far Gone” from Drake.

we are very protective over our black legends.
we always look at people crazy when they even attempt to sing a “whitney”.
katy did just that at her residency in vegas.
she attempted to sing “greatest love of all” and…



so i’m glad she has black hair again.
that bet must be over because that blonde did NOTHING for her.
some people have a signature and black hair is her signature.

guess that attempt at whitney is okay?
i mean it’s no “this“:

or this:

or even this:

it’s crazy when she sang this,
she was singing this for the parents of the millenials.
my parents clearly missed her memo.
continue resting in power whit.

with music,
i go on what my ears hear and the emotions attached.
it sounded really breathy but it seems to be in her key.
 i could be totally wrong.
i’ll let the musical foxhole give their thoughts.

it’s not easy to sing a whitney,
or even beyonce song.
their vocal arrangements in these songs are damn near perfection.
you don’t want to sing the song exactly as they did either.
i applaud katy for being brave enough to sing it even if whitney’s ghost will haunt her.

lowkey: yael naim put her own spin on “toxic” from britney spears…

…and it didn’t disrespect the original with some bubble gum pop twist.

another lowkey: it’s crazy we don’t have a talent with a voice like whitney atm.
i’m sure there is some gen z child being trained to bring the heat in a few years tho.
but right now,
like michael jackson,
no one has come close to dethroning our legends yet.


  1. This song musically shifts too often and abruptly for her voice. She’s a more than capable singer, in general, but this song is def not one I, nor anyone else, ever need to hear her attempt again.

  2. I know women in church choirs that can sing better than Brandy. Her songs are easy to song

    1. Brandy works best as a studio singer. Her layering and harmonies are her signature.

  3. 1st ) “Teenage Dream ” was that rare “Uber Bop” ( I love a good Sugary, Guilty ,Pleasure Pop Song)

    2nd) Thought Whitney made if Famous ,George Benson established it as a standard.

    3rd) Katy was very brave to tackle this knowing her vocal limitations, but I’m for it.

    She placed herself in the exact vulnerable position that the singers she criticizes on “American Idol” are placed in. So if she can dish it she must take it!!

    SUMMARY: I like her more for doing this. ( smile/ Ha ha ha ).

  4. In the words of the late,great Whitney Houston…”Hell to the No”
    It was OK 😀
    It’s hard for me to believe that next month will be the 10th Anniversary of Whitney’s death.It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.

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