so i have to find a new therapist.
i know.
i know.
we were excited about the “black vixen from brooklyn“,
but she turned me tf off last week…

so last week,
after everything that went down in my life,
i was excited to speak to her about everything i put in a box.
i show up early and i’m ready.
1:45 and i close the portal that we usually meet in.

No show.

no emails or texts.
next day,
i get an email telling me that:

“Due to technical difficulties with your insurance company,
all sessions have been put on hold.
I can refer you to Valera for continued services. “.

Whooooooooooo thee fuck “Valera”?

i responded to the email for further services and i got no response back.
highly unprofessional and i felt like i was being treated like a number.
dr. turner would never!
not gonna lie,
when i would speak to her,
i never felt i had her full attention at times.
i always felt like she was doing other shit.
her phone and email notifications were always going off.
dr. turner was always present but she didn’t.

Get to gettin’

now the joy of looking for another therapist.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I hate that for you! mental health services in this country are terrible. That said, chin up, and I wish you success in finding the right therapist for you.

  2. Not she treated you like a doctor in a hospital with a patient and no insurance. That was very unprofessional. A simple, “before we start, there is an issue with your insurance company, are you aware of the situation?” You have no control over that. I fee like Tyra Banks and she is Tiffany, “I was rooting for you, we all were rooting for you!”

    1. ^ YES YES YES!!!!
      that is how it felt.
      first of all,
      i don’t even deal with that kind of treatment.
      i feel you on the email before we started.
      i sat there like a fuckin’ dork and nothing.
      i noticed all our invites were changed on the calendar to reflect our last session.

      it is really disappointing but i didn’t feel as inspired as i did with dr. turner in our future sessions.
      i guess it was for the best.

    2. Yo, that is annoying AF!! I remember when I had a car accident and I went to the emergency room and the first word out of the woman’s mouth was not how are you but “what’s your insurance?”
      I said as sarcastically as I could muster, I’m fine thank you.

      But MOST medical offices will let you know when you walk in, that there was an issue with your insurance. Hell, my physical therapist’s office used to call me in advance and tell me they had to cancel my appointment when the insurance company would give them a hard time (only allowed 6 visits).

      This woman was truly unprofessional!

  3. Lawd why does she have to be black?!? The stigma of unprofessionalism continues to show it ugly head. I don’t know why black people go into business for themselves to only give half ass quality. You do yourself and us as a race a disservice each and every time. Smdh

    You will find better, proud of you for not being discouraged and moving on! Happy New Year and continued healing and blessings!!

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