nfl baller wolf formerly of the tampa bay bucs,
antonio brown,
is always showing us his ass.
his muscular ass,
but his ass nonthelese.

he gives no fucks consistently.
i always enjoy writing about him but Jesus Christ.
so he decided to leave yesterday’s game shirtless

it was so bad,
he allegedly wasn’t welcomed to fly back to tampa with the team:
according to the head coach,
bruce arians,
he isn’t part of the team any longer:

this was his response on his ig:


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is there any word why he had this little moment?
it’s like when your co-worker goes out guns a-blazing.
you know those moments at work.
your co-worker is fed up and makes an iconic scene before making their exit.

antonio brown comes off as very problematic.
it’s like we have been watching his descent to madness for a while now.
it’s that fame.
even if he had an issue with the team or coaches,
he could have handled that much differently.
it’s exciting for us to watch but it doesn’t look good for him.
his types always end up acting out after being coddled for so long.
what team is gonna touch him going forward after this?

What will Antonio Brown do next?

i hear onlyfans is a great fallback career for those who love fame.


  1. I’m no medical doctor but from what I have seen with AB over the years HOUSTON HE HAS A PROBLEM.. CTE is kicking in and the symptoms have started to play out with AB.

    This is no laughing matter. I remember when everyone was laughing at Black Panther when he started to show signs of his cancer…and then suddenly we all had to eat our words…

    We must all be careful. AB was a smiling, handsome, well he’s still handsome, easy going, mild mannered, athlete who was loved by everyone. He went on DWTS and his popularity exploded. and then suddenly he stared acting crazy.

    No one asked where did this come from? No one except Tom Brady who cared for him. Tom said something yesterday and it went flat on many peoples ears. He said we should all be easy on him. Tom knows something and he said it loud and clear yesterday. But again we all choose to laugh and taunt.

    I too had my frustrations with AB and washed him off my MILTF list. But looking back to what he was and where he is now, AB has a problem . I think its CTE. He may know or he may not know. But he seems to be the type of macho, alpha male who will not be seen dead in a doctors office until he cant fucking move or wake up the next day.

    Lets save the laughter and be concerned as yet again we are seeing one of our black brothers fall to CTE from the violent game THEY CHOOSE TO PLAY…a sad day.

  2. Antonio Brown had injured his ankle and was cut because he refused to play with an injury. The coach literally told him to leave.

    1. ^ i don’t see why he had to leave so dramatic if that was the case.
      he is no good to the team injured.

      i’m confused.
      am i missing something?

      1. I agree. Even though the coaches were trying to force him to play injured. He wouldve had a valid case, but that dramatic exit totally ruined his credibility.

        1. ^that’s why i waited.

          when he does something like this,
          it’s in character for him.
          if he was gay,
          he would have a chorus line with all his dramatics.
          if he was someone else,
          i would have been more quick to believe their side than the coach.
          he needs to retire and work on his cte issues.
          i can totally see it.

  3. Regardless of the details, he decided to make a spectacle while the game was still bring played. He wanted to cause a scene, clearly giving 0 fuks about anyone else involved.

    I don’t need to know the details to know that if you’re the common denominator in a bunch of situations, if NOTHING else, you undoubtedly need to be mindful of thinking before you speak/move, particularly in front of millions of others.

  4. I feel bad for him . Antonio Brown has some mental issues that need to be addressed.

    The league should ensure that these men are emotionally stable and not just workhorses for money and game wins.

    We all know this isn’t the first time that he has participated in some mentally questionable activity .

    1. I don’t feel bad for him, but he has some issues that need to be addressed. The people around him and the NFL are at fault for enabling him all this time. It’s a money thing to them, and if you are performing and bringing in the $$$ they will look the other way, to an extent. At some point or another they cave to social/media pressure and try to reel him in, but by that point it is too late. The NBA’s “golden boy” Tom Brady even vouched for him after his last fuck up, got him a spot on his team, and he shitted on him.

      His NFL career is over. He MAY be able to get into broadcasting, but his behavior is too unpredictable and he could have an episode on national TV. Broadcasters may not want to take that chance with him. We shall see.

  5. Fuck the NFL good for Him. Most of those Black men end up broke with brain damage and disabilities in the long run anyway. Mass exploitation. I pray he gets therapy for whatever Demons he’s facing. Some situations you just have to say fuck it I’m done.

    1. ^i wanna reserve judgment until i hear what happens.
      it isn’t like he has the best track record for being civil during moments he should chill.

    2. I call the NFL modern day slavery. They get “drafted” like animals and often worked to the death (physically and/or mentally) or until they are put out to pasture when they are injured, sickly, and of no use anymore. Yet millions of our black brothers live for the opportunity to sign an enslavement contract. I’m glad I was never one of those.

  6. AB got money, he can do modeling, he can do anything but as far as the NFL, he’s done. He has done way too much for any team to trust him. This is the second team he has embarrassed!

  7. He was problematic before he joined the team. That was his second chance to play in the NFL period. After that lil stunt, NO TEAM will take him even if they are desperate. The fact the stunt he did before that in that lil gif, that should have been enough for the Bucs to say, we can’t take that risk. He literally refused to show up to practice, games, and bash his own team, then goes on the internet and says I’m free, yeah he is done in the NFL. You fuck up your second chance, no team is going to sign you because it has to go through the Owners to see if they are willing to deal with a player like that and to keep the league from having players do that, they ban them. Kaepernick is still blackballed. Damn good Quarterback and no team is willing to sign him even if they need him. They rather take a rookie and train them or trade them for a vet with locker room experience.

  8. Tasha K exposed him with pictures like a week ago exchanging nudes with another player (allegedly). He could be spiraling and that stress could have helped it along. I hope he is OK and gets help.

  9. He’ll do like every other athlete and entertainer and start an Onlyfans…charge ridiculously and get it!! Sad for him tho…clearly there’s more going on.

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