Did Zayn Mailk Do Beyonce Any Sort Of Justice?

i liked zayn malik‘s first album.
i mean,
i listened to it once or twice,
but i was really into what i heard.
well he is coming out with a second album,
but he decided to cover the beyonce track,
“me, myself, and i”.
he did it as some kind of weird teaser.
that is one of my favorite tracks from her.
this is his effort via his “twitter”

 i nearly vomited.
it didn’t sit right with my spirit.

if it sounds like that,
i can only imagine what the “live” version sounds like.
i’m not a fan of it.
it’s like when some folks cover “whitney” or “mariah” songs.
it never goes well and often leaves us confused.
i feel this way about zayn today.
i’m gonna go ahead and banish it immediately.

lowkey: he hasn’t really been performing due to his anxiety.
has he worked on that before he unloads a whole album?

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Did Zayn Mailk Do Beyonce Any Sort Of Justice?”

  1. No comment… I love his new song “Entertainer” though. He has very good producers who give him the best music. Too bad he doesn’t like to push himself and promote his career.. I guess its his anxiety so I won’t judge

    1. ^since i suffer wit anxiety,
      he needs to work on it before coming out with albums.
      he has to promote and perform unless he simply stays a studio singer.

  2. When he first started singing the “all the ladies if you feel me help me sing it now” I thought he might actually kill it, I realize soon after how wrong I was

  3. I was highly disappointed, it sounded horrible. I’ll say this, he is lucky he is attractive and we like him because if this was anyone else, he would be pretty much cancelled.

  4. Hm. I didn’t hate it. Since I listen to songs for the composition I thought it wasn’t different. Not necessarily “bad” but different.

  5. I’m not a huge Beyonce fan but i LOVE that song. Hearing Zayn do this grieves my spirit big time. This song did not need to be touched. He needs to sit down somewhere with this mess lol

    1. I agree with @SuperNova. I am down for a man doing a faithful re-singing of this without the lyric change, but THIS wasn’t it. Feels like Timberlake 2.0…

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