Cardi B Allegedly Fonts Offset “Don’t Hurt Yourself”

trouble in hood paradise already?
i have high hopes for cardi b and offset.
you know they are #relationshipgoals for some of us.
by us,
i mean some of you.
i mean they just had their baby shower in atlanta.
it was titled “a bx fairy tale”:

…but “the jasmine brand” caught a ig story cardi posted,
but end up deleting

this next 18 years with these two is gonna be interesting.
i’ll sorta allow it.

lowkey: good to see folks trying to stick it out because of “lemonade”.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Cardi B Allegedly Fonts Offset “Don’t Hurt Yourself””

  1. It still astounds me how this woman was somehow oddly placed in the forefront of female rap. Like, HOW?

    1. She’s perfect product placement. I relented and listened to her album and its obvious Atlantic provided her with some A1 writers and material to make money.

      Remains to be seen if she’ll still be relevant once she has a baby and If she can replicate an album as good or better as her current one.

  2. Neither one of them will even be relevant in a year!
    These chicks kill me when they out here gettin knocked up by the “artist of the moment”
    She’ll probably have more longevity than him, not by much…and she will be paying HIM alimony. So yeah…it’s all fun and games until she gives birth.
    Be careful what you say and wish for Cardi. smh

    1. ^vixens stay forgetting about alimony.
      that’s how most of these wolves stay getting em.
      vixens tend to make more money and will have to shell out that alimony dough.

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