nicki and cardi’s huzzbands have entered the group chat we are forced to be in

i love nicki’s music.
i love cardi’s charisma.
i’ll still listen to pink print 2 and whatever cardi has coming up.
i’m gonna keep it 110 because the truth is in between these two:

Nicki and Cardi are both equally annoying as of late.

you couldn’t tell me weaves wasn’t gonna be flying at the vmas this year.
i just knew they were gonna fight on stage.
it would have taken my rating of the show from c+ to b.
since that day,
they sure are going about their beef like passive-aggressive karens.
these two are from new yawk so i’m confused about this behavior.
i see the end is probably going to be near…

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cardi b does something she should have done a while ago

the wap ain’t never kept a relationship together.
over the last year,

i’ve started getting a soft spot for cardi b.
she has this childlike quality about her that i find charming.
she is the hood vixen we all know that has a good heart,
even tho she is rough around the edges.
today she did something that i waiting for to happen eventually

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so who will cardi b get with next?

so who didn’t see this coming?
don’t lie.
i didn’t have much high hopes.
i may have been the only one tho.
well offset and cardi b are allegedly over.
boo hoo?
even after putting this up two weeks ago:

she posted this yesterday on her ig…
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cardi b and offset did it for the…

so those crazy hood folks ya’ll love,
cardi b and offset,
welcomed their first cub yesterday.
i don’t get why everyone is so shocked at her name.
they revealed the name today and it’s…

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Cardi B Allegedly Fonts Offset “Don’t Hurt Yourself”

trouble in hood paradise already?
i have high hopes for cardi b and offset.
you know they are #relationshipgoals for some of us.
by us,
i mean some of you.
i mean they just had their baby shower in atlanta.
it was titled “a bx fairy tale”:

…but “the jasmine brand” caught a ig story cardi posted,
but end up deleting
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I (Don’t) Need Your Apology

offset should have stuck to his guns.
i would have respected him more if he did.
he clearly doesn’t give a fuck,
but he was forced to coloring in between the lines.
so if you didn’t know,
offset from migos,
doesn’t “vibe with queers”.
this coming from someone who legit wears blouses,
but i digress.
he has a featured verse in a new song called “boss life”,
where he said what he said

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