cardi b does something she should have done a while ago

the wap ain’t never kept a relationship together.
over the last year,

i’ve started getting a soft spot for cardi b.
she has this childlike quality about her that i find charming.
she is the hood vixen we all know that has a good heart,
even tho she is rough around the edges.
today she did something that i waiting for to happen eventually

Cardi B is apparently over her marriage to Offset — she just filed for divorce … TMZ has learned.

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4 thoughts on “cardi b does something she should have done a while ago”

  1. ((((Applause)))) Honestly their union lasted longer than many expected!!! They might as well have an open relationship like Will & Jada cause Offset isn’t monogamous material AT ALL. I wish them the best and Kulture as well. Xoxo

  2. I’m not gonna demonize him – they’re not meant for each other. Everyone deserves love and a good relationship – and RESPECT. That’s what seems to be missing. They both have to be honest about what they want and be honest with their next partner. And take care of babygirl

  3. Wait, wait, wait…wait…is this the Cardi B that gaslight Candace Owens saying, essentially, she’s a sellout to the white man and holds the views she has because black men hurt her??? Or is this the Cardi B that was okay with Offset’s inability to keep his dick in his pants??? This isn’t that Cardi B is it…??? It is?!?! LMFAO….

    Of course this was likely to happen (assuming this isn’t a publicity stunt). All black men like Offset have to offer is good dick–’cause he certainly isn’t offering good music. Anyone with more than two brain cells knows that isn’t good enough to have a long-lasting marriage.

    If this is true, the only one I feel sorry for is Kulture.

  4. Cardi filing. Nicki eventually will file and then marry someone on her level. I’m happy for Cardi she deserves better than a man with multiple babies with different Women.

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