@saybryant wants the foxhole and haters to get off his dick for liking what he likes

on social media,
where bawdy parts on full display,
it’s easy to get caught up in your fantasies.
in real life,
i’ve always fucked heavy with vibes.
the best sex i’ve ever had was a fantasy wolf,
but i met him on a chat site for a dick appointment purposes.
the other wolves i’ve really been interested offline were handsome af,
had one or two nice bawdy parts,
had all kinds of complexions,
and OD on the charisma.
all of them were OD on emotionally unavailable and wasting my time tho.
i always vibe with the most damaged and intimated by their attraction to me.
*eye roll*
@saybryant is upset you all think he is a colorist in that last entry.
he shared this on his ig

so let’s dig in.
i think @saybryant’s actions has led him to criticism.
i don’t think folks would start dragging him for no reason.
people don’t get dragged randomly because it’s tuesday evening.
something led up to this point.
if not…

He wouldn’t have turned his IG comments off

if he wants to date lighter skinned foxes,
he can go right ahead.
that is his preference.
he is just one male,
with the typical nice bawdy,
out of the billion of others out here that are open in their dating preferences.
the ones who were plotting to ride his pipe are probably the most upset.

i think his problem is he allegedly comes off ignorant about it.
not hating,
but going on the remarks of others.
he has a “running off at the fingertips” problem.
everyone has a type of preference,
but the moment you start being an asshole about it…

so for the “i like what i like” crowd,
especially if you’re attractive,
the best response is to just date what you like and shut the fuck up about it.
no offense.

lowkey: i keep saying his new fox is special.
we get to see him get dug out on ( x their joint onlyfans ).
that don’t happen to the regulars and randoms now.

is their onlyfans worth the 11.99?

check it out here: onlyfans

16 thoughts on “@saybryant wants the foxhole and haters to get off his dick for liking what he likes

  1. Anyone over 15 who uses the word “haters” isn’t to be taken seriously.

    Anyone over 15 who googles their Instagram name isn’t to be taken seriously, and is a raging malignant narcissist.

    That’s the same kind of person to check their bank account over and over once that PUA money hits.

    Big ups to you Jamari for the way that SEO is set up!

  2. The clap back explains it all. Why even care? …better yet why even let the world know you care??….just live ya life, Love who ya love, win games, stack the checks and pay ya Light bill.

  3. I agree, he’s not THAT fine to me. Plus, everyone is entitled to their “preference”, but people need to own the fact that their “preferences” are almost certainly shaped by white supremacy. Call a thing a thing.

  4. LOL WHO? Sorry but y’all need to raise the bar. Dudes that look like this are a dime a dozen, why are people sweating over what he “likes”? He isn’t anything special.

    This dude ain’t no Anthony Joshua, Trevante Rhodes or Ovie Soko. Now those are black men who are high grade level fine. But this one.. I don’t even see why he’s getting this much attention

  5. It’s always funny when you’re talking about colorism and someone jumps in to say we’re ruining our community by talking about it lol. It sounds exactly like a racist white person saying we’re keeping racism alive by talking about it 🙄

  6. I stopped reading his post after “I just goole my IG name” I hardly ise IG as is but I’m always logged it. WTF you googling your IG name for?

    Why is everyone a hater to these IG fools? I can still fuck with you even if I disagree with you on something.

  7. Missed the last entry but finding it hard to see the hype with this one, very ordinary looking dude. He must feel gassed getting a 2nd entry as boring as he is to look at. Beauty of black ppl is the sheer variety. Its fun cause sexy can come in so many different shades.

  8. Chile, you can’t be in the business of selling your stuff and have a binary approach to promotions. I don’t care what you like behind the scenes, sell me the DAMN fantasy, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE THE COINS!!! 👀👀👀 #imdone

  9. Awww he must be sensitive, he turned his IG comments off, but why? Nobody was mentioning anything in his comments if he claims he found out about the blog only through googling his IG name…

  10. I don’t get the hype with him. Nice looking guy but there are millions like him around.. without the jaughtiness.. like U said like what U like n keep quiet.quiet, he’s not that important.

  11. Also, I saw this comment written on the first article about @saybryant:

    “DARK SKINNED GAY BLACK BOTTOMS are literally the only people that have problems with other people having a skin preference. Just because a lot of times that doesn’t include Y’ALL.”

    Y’all be telling on yourselves and don’t even know it. I love it…LMFAO

    1. Ditto. As a “high yella” black man with red undertones, I’m looking at his dude going “light skinned where?”…technically in my opinion he is a shade from brown. “Light skinned” can be subjective. But yea, @saybryant is just another tangible example of mental illness and the residue of the warping of the mind that 400 years of oppression is responsible for. What he really needs is professional help. There’s no shame in it. Just get it and grow.

      1. No I believe he knows he’s brown, the issue apparently is that he only goes for light skinned Partners, not that he himself thinks he’s light

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