nicki and cardi’s huzzbands have entered the group chat we are forced to be in

i love nicki’s music.
i love cardi’s charisma.
i’ll still listen to pink print 2 and whatever cardi has coming up.
i’m gonna keep it 110 because the truth is in between these two:

Nicki and Cardi are both equally annoying as of late.

you couldn’t tell me weaves wasn’t gonna be flying at the vmas this year.
i just knew they were gonna fight on stage.
it would have taken my rating of the show from c+ to b.
since that day,
they sure are going about their beef like passive-aggressive karens.
these two are from new yawk so i’m confused about this behavior.
i see the end is probably going to be near…

The men are involved.

you know once the menz are involved,
we tend to ruin everything.
i can understand the huzzbands wanting to defend them but…

This is two vixens having beef.
How did they even get in it?

if this country was running smoothly,
this beef between these two would be entertaining.

Trump vs Biden
Republicans vs Democrats
Left vs Right

White People vs Everyone
The Menz vs The Womenz
Incels vs Their Raging Homosexual Desires

The LGBTQs vs The Straights
The Writers vs The Studios
Our Money vs Inflation and Being Poor

…and now we gotta add on nicki vs cardi?
barbs vs bongos (or whatever she calls her stan base)?
one huzzband vs another huzzband?
their gangs included.

they can keep it.
we are all full of beef and not in a good way.

lowkey: i feel like this tweet from cardi is where the wheels hit the rails…

2 thoughts on “nicki and cardi’s huzzbands have entered the group chat we are forced to be in

  1. This is why ” Musically” I can’t put all my eggs in the ” Hip Hop ” basket.

    Too much violence [ Biggie , Pac, Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hustle Etc.]
    Too much waste of platform to educate and enlighten [ Rapping bout Perc’s, Pussy, Coochie , Booty holes]
    Too much tearing each other down [ Cardi vs Niki , Fans & Husbands ]
    Too boring [ walking on a stage talking , saying the N- Word and Mumbles]

    Exceptions : Missy Elliott, Doja [ at least their entertaining ]

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