so who will cardi b get with next?

so who didn’t see this coming?
don’t lie.
i didn’t have much high hopes.
i may have been the only one tho.
well offset and cardi b are allegedly over.
boo hoo?
even after putting this up two weeks ago:

she posted this yesterday on her ig…

i doubt they’re over-over.
this could be drama to generate buzz for his album next week.
you never know with these celeb couples thse days.
i will say that kulture is really cute:

they both made a really cute daughter.
if this break up is real,
let’s hope they don’t fail this cub and can co-parent successfully.

lowkey: i can see her getting with a baller wolf next.
those are always the “go to” in break ups.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “so who will cardi b get with next?”

  1. Oh he gotta album out next week? Yeah I’d say publicly, she spaz about everything, I cnt see her bein this calm if they we’re really broke up

  2. She’ll be on Breed It Raw next week….oh wait, wrong person…

    I cannot stand her but she is too cute at the same time. The one thing I can say about her is that she’s cute. She’s cuter than Nikki Minaj but Nikki is sexier than her from the pictures I seen.

    1. Her ass will be back on some kind of reality show in a few years. I don’t see longevity in her future.
      He will disappear as hip-hop cycles back into a “old-is-new phase” (90s style hip-hop will rise again) and his style/flow becomes obsolete. Lol

  3. I think the breakup is real and that she’s actually telling the truth and she mentions how they haven’t been getting a long for awhile now. I feel they may have been broken up but he asked her to announce during album time so they could still get that schmoney together hence her saying they’re great business partners as well. It only makes sense

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