22 million ways to die in the foxhole

ya know,
when i started the foxhole back in 2009,
i didn’t start it with the intentions of making money.
i didn’t even know it was going to be a “foxhole”.
i didn’t think anyone would care enough to check me out.
i used it to express myself,
font about good lookin males,
entertainment stuff,
and whatever else interested me at the time.
what i didn’t know was…

My random NSFW content would fuck me up out here

i’ve been doing a lot of research while at this temp job.
many blogs that have written content,
but don’t have audio/video,
pull in over 10k and up in revenue.
the thing is,
they are niche blogs.
they aren’t like mine.
they don’t have NSFW content either.
so a site like mine,
which has 22+ million views,
is considered “bottom of the barrel” due to the content i’ve written about.
which is the reason many companies have turned me down.

Damn me for being sexual at times!

i’m gay,
and if the story called for it,
i love fonting about  sex.
sue me.
i wish someone would have warned me about the future tho.
i’ve since toned it all the way down,
but it still is a major factor in sponsorships.
this is another instant where i fucked up being “me”,
i guess.
the foxhole appreciates it; the sponsorships don’t.

Is it wrong that it made me feel defeated?

what’s the point of working so hard on this platform,
but not being able to enjoy the fruits of my labor?
i am tired of working these jobs when this is my passion.
everyone i’ve asked for help,
and by help i mean actually being hands on,
didn’t come through.
all this:

“i got you!
ima make this and that happen,
ima put you on to who and whoever…”

…they never helped me.
all the folks i asked for helped are struggling to make it themselves.
at this point,
i need someone who is already in the door at this point.
other struggling artists can’t help other struggling artists.

so i’ve been considering opening another blog for a “niche” topic.
a site that just caters to one specific thing.
i’ve fonted to some other foxholers and i appreciate their advise.
the issue is…

What if you don’t know what your niche is?

i’m passionate about writing and just being random.
i don’t know what i like enough to dedicate more time to.
is that wrong?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “22 million ways to die in the foxhole”

  1. Wassup J Fox! I’ll just say: you are neither messy, negative, nor oen who tell tales out of school…..you have been informative, provocative, and honest. This is very nuch appreciated and respected, but you can’t put that ina skillet and fry it in the middle of the night can you? Long story short: Go get It! get your coins, get yourself established and comfortable, do it for YOU. Whether or not this get monetized, you KNOW you did the damn thing tho…and you weren’t starving outside when you did it. Your passion is THIS LIFE WE LIVIN’ baby..the good and the bad, the trials and the triumphs…and the love you, me, we, all of us hope to finds along the way. Thank you for what you have provided thus far…and thank you for the good-good I know ya gonna bring in the days and years to come.

    For all y’all with facebook and what not, put ya boi on front street. Here is someone who speaks out tongue and has our ear. The time is now for us to do it for our own selves.

    be blessed Jamari!


    1. ^aww thank you k.
      that means so much.

      i guess i started blaming myself for thinking i did the wrong thing.
      when i font,
      i’m being my authentic self.
      sometimes if the story calls for something nsfw in that moment,
      i went for it.
      my goal is to make the foxhole feel what i’m fonting.
      i’ll continue to push even though i’ve learned what i may/may not have done wrong.

      thanks for all the love and support.

  2. Jamari, if you open up that second blog and just write, your niche will become obvious very fast. May not seem like it to you but those who read it will identify it off the bat. You’ve already got the audience, which is the hardest part. I think in almost 10 years of blogging we’ve established that. But do what you’ve got to do to get your dream career to take off. We’ll be here (and there) for you.

  3. Write a blog about your escapades. Your main readers will be straight women. They don’t want to admit it but they LIVE for man-on-man erotica. You can just write about it. No pictures. Let the user use their imagination. And it doesn’t have to be your actual experiences. Maybe change some details so it doesn’t get back to the fox in question.

    Also…you don’t have to tell anyone. Have you heard of a pseudonym? They say Kyle Jenner is Terror Jr and she is doing it because people wouldn’t accept music from her as Kylie Jenner. Don’t tell anybody. Just have a pseudonym and see how people react. Maybe even change the typical way you type so people don’t realize it’s you.

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