the side effects of prep

now before the foxhole runs out and start gobblin’ prep like candy,
you need to know something first.
there are some possible,
and very serious,
side effects you need to know about.
according to the prep website

kidney failure?
bone softening?
liver problems that could lead to death?

how about that celibacy and porn life?
any takers?
i think the biggest issue with males is the lying.
if folks would be more honest about their status,
they won’t be so many infected folks out here.
that’s just my thoughts about it.
i’m just as confused as everyone else.

lowkey: it looks like the next wolf i let inside me needs to be celibate as i am.
this might be an issue…

…but i have towels.

article cc: prep

11 thoughts on “the side effects of prep

  1. Chile is this still a thing. I thought the phase ended. Look, I caught a hella fire from some troll last time I brought up having safe sex, using dental dams. Folks seem to think that soap and water gets rid of everything. Even with a bf, you should wear a condom because anal sex raw is nasty period. Ain’t nobody THAT clean unless their diet is vegan/fruit and akaline and too much douching ain’t good for you either.

    Tell my bae in a minute, you better tuck your boy under the covers..I just find condom usage hygienic. Condoms aren’t 100% safe either but for clean anal sex..Gotta do it.

    Rimming too…some dude died not too long ago from getting E.coli from eating some girl bottom out like groceries. In that case her cakes probably weren’t all that clean but…these microorganisms we talking about here…you really think Zest ready to go to war with something that’s been around for billions of years.

    Everytime time I see Negative on PreP I just cringe…HIV isn’t the only thing out there can catch. I don lost and warned a few folks about their dude hopping ways. One guy got hit with the bad news before he was 20..

    Now I get one point I didn’t. I was celibate for a long time but I occasionally got tested since I volunteered and the HIV awarness drives. (I have a shytton of condoms in my closet. Magnums, Lifestyles..etc. many of em don’t expire till 2020…Catch it.

    Anyways, jerking off is fine eveey so often when you get horny but finding a real man to be intimate with is better. Myvidster and Pornhub will get tired after a while. Idk bout y’all but I like having a live man in my presence..I don’t want no IMAX peen…I need a man in the flesh…

    Onlyfans, Pornhub, Myvidster or none of them others about to make me a habitual masturbator. Don’t be THAT dude that needs porn on to get hard. My man needs to be as hard as a rock when he sees me and only me..hard enough I can do an Olympic dismount and get a perfect 10 right into the bed.

    Go out and find you a real man. One that is worthy, makes you laugh and d**ks you down like a scene from Monster’s Ball (or d**k him down.)

    Better hurry up. Y’all know these that’s be spreading all new kinds of diseases. Look at you funny and you start itching.

  2. Until I get into a relationship, condoms will be the way for me. If a dude isn’t into using condoms then theres the door. Don’t think you’re sliding up in me without a rubber. IDGAF about any damn “prep” that a dude claims to be taking. Wrap tf up if you want to sleep with me.

    The amount of men who lie about their status is astounding. Its sad because ATL being known as the “gay black Mecca” you’d think you have to go there if you want your chances of finding a black partner to be on your side. But the HIV epidemic over there doesn’t even make you want to date in the city let alone visit.

  3. I’ve never been the “hookup” type. Not that that saves me but I never do anything lol porn sites are my friend. I don’t really trust guys. Seen a dude tweet #rawlife on twitter and how condoms smell etc. I cringed, we should know better right? Smh

  4. Even without diseases, there still is no reason to be bed-hopping. A guy on these gay apps said he’s graduating as a doctor next month. Under that, send dick pics to get a reply.

    Imagine at the National Doctor’s Association conference a vengeful queen posting you spread eagle on the presentation screen as you get your award for Doctor of the Year.

    Tacky! When I graduate I’m considering an app like the one Molly was on in Insecure. The League I think it was.

    We want exclusive things. This is why people like designer brands. They’re not affordable. Not everyone has them.

    I am exclusive and treat my body as such. The only people who shame that are worn out ones who can’t keep somebody satisfied.

    Wendy Williams is always saying people who are celibate are weird when her “I have lived” worn out puzzy can’t keep her husband at home.

    If I’m going to be one of those messy queens dry bragging saying “I had him”, I’m also going to have texts of him begging for it again last night. How are you bragging about sleeping with somebody and they don’t want you back in bed?

    When I say “I have lived”, it will be the destinations I’ve been to, goals I’ve accomplished, like the one I’m going to this winter. The Center for Disease Control is in Atlanta. They have diseases there. A Black man who tried to warn people about the flu shot ended up dead. Noticed how many people died from the flu last year? These high HIV rates are NOT a coincidence. Look into the government testing out illnesses on Black people as lab rats.

    There is nothing on this Earth like somebody saying they left work early and want more of you.

  5. looks like it turns you into a functional dope head 🤷‍♂️ and the weight loss? i can’t do it, im already a slim jim lol.

    my new boyfriend is myvidster, side piece is pornhub.

    1. Myvidster and I gonna have to have a talk about all these men he’s seeing because I’ve been in a committed relationship with him for 4yrs! And I pay his ass well(pro-user).

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