everyone in atlanta needs to take prep along with their herbalife pills

atlanta has some sexy ass males of all kinds.
and hybrids.
even the straight wolves aren’t bad…
…but yeah,
i’m good on almost all of em at the moment.
ya know,
the days of being




















…are long gone,
especially in the forests of atlanta.
the hiv situation down there is so reckless that i’d be a born again virgin.
it’s so bad,
they are telling everyone to take prep daily,
even if you’re in a monogamous relationship.
this is what a f-bi sent me that made me legit faint…

that’s crazy!!!
it’s bad up north too,
but nearly not on the same level as atlanta.
if you ain’t fuckin’ right now

Don’t let no one make you feel bad about it!

first of all,
95% of males ain’t worth bendin over/suckin up.
the lies and games are enough to press “cancel”.
id rather you be safe out here than be like everyone else.
everyone else is being reckless and catching HIV.
it ain’t worth the hassle for a nut.
don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it either.
be safe out there foxhole.

x click here to learn more about prep

lowkey: folks will be fuckin strangers hardcore out here with no protection,
but will be scared af to watch a horror movie.
it makes absolutely no sense to me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “everyone in atlanta needs to take prep along with their herbalife pills”

  1. wow.

    and i HATE when dudes be like “im on prep” AND?!?! im on cough syrup but that don’t mean you can’t catch my cold foo! prep is good for extra security but gays are using it as an excuse to be real fucking reckless.

    1. ^yoooo…

      “and i HATE when dudes be like “im on prep” AND?!?! im on cough syrup but that don’t mean you can’t catch my cold foo!”

      when i font that i laughed so loud and ugly.

  2. I really wish people would stop acting like Atlanta is any different than any other city when it comes people engaging in high risk sexual behavior.For years I have been reading the list for cities with the highest HIV rates for years and Atlanta has never been at the top of the list. In 2016 I think it was #7.It is true that most of the cities with the highest rates are on the South(13 out of 15) but while people are warning men and women to stay away from Atlanta people are being infected in Miami,New Orleans,Orlando,Baton Rouge,Memphis,Houston,etc.As a matter of fact Florida is the state with the highest HIV rates.

    I know things are bad in Atlanta but it bothers when I see posts like I saw on a IG page called @ooolalablog last week where black women are saying don’t go to Atlanta because the guys are gay or DL or have HIV.As if there aren’t guys in every city who are DL,who have HIV,etc.40 percent of the people in Atlanta are transplants so they moved there from other towns and cities.IMO you need to protect yourself with condoms,PrEP,PEP,etc.regardless of what city you’re in.No city is immune from HIV or any STD.

    1. Yeah, it’s bad when they try to put the blame on one city. It’s bad ALL over, like you said.
      LA, NYC, DC, New Orleans, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Vegas, etc.
      Even the Caribbean, where so many dudes go to have sex with the “loose” island girls.

      I listen to dudes in the barbershop talk about going to PR, DR, Jamaica, and sexing girls raw.
      Some of us look at them like really…you having raw sex with girls on an island rampant with STD’s?!
      The stupidity is amazing. So you get a disease while you’re on vacation, bring it back and infect your girl…and gay/bi men get the blame for HIV/AIDS and other STD’s?!

    2. Amen, it is an all over problem. But, it is especially a problem in the states where the Government officials there refused the Affordable Care Act Insurance. A lot of people in the South are not privy to the healthcare like some the other states that brought into that system. Also, Atlanta is one the most medical advance tech savvy cities in the South. People come in caravans from all over the South to be treated for varies illnesses that their home state cannot accommodate. And this knowledge is coming from an Up North Judy that worked in the Medical Field and is still an HIV/AIDS Advocate!

    3. I’m glad SweetBuddah1 made the point about Affordable Care Act Insurance – in many cases its a make or break for alot of individuals trying to obtain the PrEP medication to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS. Alot of people in states that have refused this insurance are not permitted to provide the medication if the individual seeking it doesn’t have adequate medical coverage.

      The medication itself for a 30 day supply is $2004.09. Again, this is for a 30-day supply. If you lack insurance you pay for all of it. States like NYC where I live offer the insurance act, which provides the medication for free with insurance. They also provide places to continue to: test liver and kidney function, provide condoms and other contraception, counciling and support groups, and access to the latest information.

      Go to YouTube and type in AIDS in the South, or PrEP documentaries, its frightening how some of these individuals who didn’t have access to condoms NOR PrEP contract the virus simply due to lack of access.

      So I guess the point that I am making is – it isnt about what state is being blamed for the AIDS/HIV cases – he boils down to personal accountability AND ACCESS. If you don’t have access to things that can prevent the spread of HIV (such as the case in the deep south) than its just waiting to happen. Not to mention the amount of PrEP RESISTANT strands of HIV now being transmitted AND antibiotic resistant STI’s the virus continues to mutate because many are still engaging in risky behavior despite PrEP and the urge to use condoms

  3. Hookup apps have made it easier to spread it. Guys are finer nowadays and that’s all it takes. Everything is super shallow until it’s time to talk about status. Sometimes I feel like I’m one of the rare few gays that never had an std and is disease free.

    1. Oh baby… You a re not the only one. I have never had an STD or ANY sexually transmitted disease. I will tell a dude straight up.. I need most recent test results and no raw sex sir.

  4. I lived in Atlanta for 2yrs. I remember the first time I went to Atlanta my friend and I went to Loretta’s and I saw all those men down there and I was in heaven. I said to myself I was going to move there one day and I did and I was like a kid in a candy store. I enrolled at DeVry University, finished one year barely (having too much fun partying) It was so easy to get caught up. It wasn’t all fun and games though, . I went through and saw a lot of shit, many guys I knew died from AIDS, one of my best friends,. I didn’t know he was sick, it broke my heart. I moved back and forth a couple of times before finally moving back home I’m so thankful God brought me back home safely and disease free. Living in Atlanta taught me a great deal, . I don’t trust anyone sexually, guys they will lie to you straight face. Almost everyone fucks around in Atlanta. I can only imagine how much worse it is in Atlanta now.

    1. ^damn six!
      thanks for sharing your story.
      i’m curious to hear others.
      i’ve always heard these amazing tales of this lengendary atlanta.
      i heard you could go to malls and wolves will legit approach you without the games.
      it made me think it was the place to be.
      that was years ago…

      1. Jamari, when I tell you… Yes, the mall, not just Lennox, South DeKalb, Greenbrier. You could be waiting on the bus, it was nothing for a fine man to holla at you. It was great!!! I was so young and gullible. Imma tell you tho, on Sunday nights we started at Piedmont Park, then to the pear garden, then on to Loretta’s,. I got some stories for ya!!!

        1. ^can you recall a time someone tried to get at you that had to shocked because you wouldn’t have suspected he got down?

          i heard that was one of the major things about down there.
          they were sexy and you didn’t have to guess

          1. ^Yes, I work in retail, Burlington to be exact, everyday was a picnic, especially weekends. This one chocolate brother used to come in the store all of the time with his wife. I didn’t think he’d mess around until i saw him out at the club. And don’t get me started on the the gyms down there.

          2. Back before I started dating guys, I would get hit on and not even realize it. It would literally go over my head. The first guy I ever got involved with was this dude I never would’ve thought got down with guys. Handsome black/chinese dude.

            Guys will step to you, but they will watch how you carry yourself before they do. That’s what I was told. If you’re laid back, they’re more liable to approach you. If you’re loud…not so much.

  5. Lol. They’re really emphasizing the AA WOMEN and YOUNG people get on it huh? Gay men are just running rampant looking for their next victim with their AIDS and pink collared shirts. Reminds me of when I lived in DC and my uncle called me to “check up” on me. Which basically meant that my mom and them were discussing whether or not I was gayin it up. He called and not so subtly said “I heard it’s a lot of batty business going on down there. You gotta stay away from the older guys”. Sir. Sit.

  6. Y’all talk about Atlanta like you move here and HAVE to smash everything moving. I’ve been in Atlanta my whole life, and my dick spends most of it’s time in my drawers, or my hand. LOL

  7. Well, I from Louisiana. I know the STD rate and all that. Atlanta is a mess just like the other places IF you have sex with anyone. C’mon now y’all..it’s about to 2019.. Let’s be real. These folks don’t care. The knowledge is out there but they don’t wanna accept it.

    Raw is Law…but I only see Flaw.

    And don’t think it’s Atlanta only. They probably bragged on Atlanta for other reasons too…cough….black people…cough have diseases…cough cough…

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