So Is This Drake’s Alleged Heir To The Throne, Adonis?

she is allegedly 28.
silent “eek”.
speaking of the alleged hoes who know how to finesse,

the forests have the pics of drake’s alleged cub.
a vix-bi sent me the “post and delete” screen shot from ig,
so this is adonis?…

he sounds so resentful on that “march 14th” song.
you can tell he didn’t want to become a father like this.
the cub is here,
she is an alleged hoe who lucked tf up,
and he’ll just have to co parent.
“nice for what to these pineapples”.
i know he’s gonna move differently with these hoes now.

lowkey: judging from sophie’s twitter,
she was plotting heavy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “So Is This Drake’s Alleged Heir To The Throne, Adonis?”

  1. I mean when you out here fucking everybody and all that you should have known it would happen sooner or later. Lol

      1. LOL You saw his response was like how did that happen?! Like really?!
        Do you need to go back to Degrassi and learn Sex Ed?!

        He even mentioned that he’s only seen the kid twice. Think he’s gonna be out here like DJ Khaled showing off his son every chance he gets?!!

    1. And doing it raw no less. It was no secret that he liked to fuck chicks without a condom…and he loved the strippers!
      These athletes and entertainers are CRAZY!

  2. Straight men KILL me with this “how did it happen” shit as if precum isn’t a thing. If you fuck somebody raw, you are exposing yourself to countless fluids which could lead to many things. Immaculate conceptions are a fairytale, babies come from having RAW sex between male & females. Wake up men.

    My brother had his daughter the same way, he was fucking his side chick raw and he did the whole “pull out method” only for him to later be dumbfounded when he discovered that the side chick was expecting.

    Do better.

  3. The same girl that fucked ASAP Rocky, Iman Shuppert, and probably a slew of other people in the industry.

    Kills me how these black dudes are so quick to call a black woman a hoe, but they’ll wait their turn patiently until their ticket is called for a pump and dump white woman.

    She finessed the hell out of him. He could’ve at least knocked up someone attractive. His kid is gonna look awkward as fuck lol.

    1. Jay I have to agree here.

      You’ll see comments from Black *heterosexual* men who drag the shit out of Blac Chyna, Lira Galore, shit even Nicki Minaj about being “hoes” but will then go off about how they would gladly donkey fuck women like Kim K, Amber Rose & Kylie Jenner as if they’re any better.

      Its just a double standard that Ive also noticed. And people wonder why these pasty white women & basic non-black women feel so entitled when around black men. Shit irks me and Im not even straight!

  4. Did people take sex education in Jr high? know that it is possible for a woman to get pregnant from precum..It’s probable..anyth any will get you caught up. Can you blame some of these women? They probably will never have to work a day in their lives again…at least not a 9-5.

    Lol. They be poking holes in condoms too..lmbo

  5. I have absolutely no sympathy for Drake or any other straight fool who fucks raw and thinks “oh that won’t happen to me”. FOOLED YOU!!!! LOL I’m with Jamari, even with the bullshit with the community, im glad my ass is gay.

  6. Saddest thing is the child will be able to hear this when he grows up, that he wasn’t even planned nor wanted. That his mother was just a midnight booty call who was juggling multiple men and just happen to pick up the gullible one.

  7. If I was Drake I would be kicking myself too. I mean this man has had the pleasure of being in the company of some of the most beautiful and powerful women and he chooses to get a random chick pregnant. SMH.

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