The Hoes Know The Art Of The Finesse: How Drake Got Caught Up

ya know,
i was very surprised with drake,
but i’m not shocked.
ya’ll shouldn’t be shocked.
his “drake likes his coffee black” stans are hurt.
i would be too because he played them heavy.
his image was he loves black vixens,
but his baby mama is all the way white.
the thing is…

Males like Drake always get caught up like that

in his track off “scorpion” called “march 14th”,
he’s confused how he got her pregnant after two “11pm to 3am” entertaining sessions.

“well drake,
there is a thing called raw sex and ovulating…”

the baby mama,
was allegedly out here with a whole roster of dicks.
the real thing is that drake is a dweeb.
don’t let the money or the power fool you.
i love drake like the next,
but i know his type.
i’ve been around his type before.
they get a little money,
and fall for anything with good pussy.
lowkey: this seems to be most rapping wolves.
vixens saw drake as “that corny pineapple who stay thirsting”.
now that he has money and fame,
they put up with his nonsense a little easier now.
finessed the fuck out of drake.
all it takes is:

top notch flirting
pay a few compliments
raise their self esteem by catering to his dick
moaning extra loud when the pipe is in you
pulling your best “thot” cards

90% of these wolves on social media are corny.
they may have nice bawdies and act like they got swag,
but they stay getting finessed behind the scenes.
it just takes that one vixen,
or gay male,
who knows how to cater to their inner dweeb.

it’s a shame drake’s image took such a hit,
but he didn’t know any better.
this is what happens when you aren’t use to anything.
no lie,
these snow bunnies finesse the fuck out these (ra)coons.
drake isn’t the only one tho:

hello scottie pippen…
hello saquon barkley…
hello chris brown…
hello rob kardashian…
hello tristan thompson…
hello kanye west…

the good news is drake isn’t alone out here.
the bad news is: there are more to come.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Hoes Know The Art Of The Finesse: How Drake Got Caught Up”

  1. These money and fame men love anything that is not black, sad but true even Michael Jordan got a non black women to enjoy his billions, but blacks stay buying his stuff, sad how we as a people continue to slave our own kill our own that is what the police feel they can target practice on use because we do not protect each other, slavery did the black man and race into silly baffling label wearing people, but when it comes to money ownership and how to empower our race is lost and turn to anyone who is not black for answers, the state of black America I am sad and scared for I do not want to grow old with what I see and feel from black people and black men.

  2. ^some males usually arent thinking clearly until we release that nut.
    once we do,
    suddenly we figure shit out better.
    after that,
    we already been finessed and looking stupid.

    1. You’re right, they don’t think…at least not with the head sitting on their shoulders! It’s amazing how some men get caught up in pussy and ass, and how it just causes them to act like damn fools.

      There is this one girl I grew up with who has about 6 kids, one for each man that she’s dated. The CRAZY part is that all of the kids are by guys who were “friends” with one another at one point, and each one ended up with her once the other stepped away. My brother said once, her coochie must be made of gold. LMBO

      This also reminds me of a clip I saw where a guy was getting sucked off by a tranny, who he then proceeded to fuck. After he nutted the gravity of his actions set in and he looked lost and sad, and you could hear him mumble in a very low voice…damn, I’m gay. You see it in a lot of amateur clips as well. As soon as they get that nut, they grabbing their clothes and getting out of there FAST. LOL

      This goes to show that a lot of guys don’t think about their actions until it’s too late. But how a person can think a chick won’t get pregnant if they “pull out” is beyond me…and shows they were not paying attention in sex ed, if they took it!

  3. She won at life. From software porn to carrying the biggest rapper in the world’s first child. Drake is such a simp, why tf didn’t he wrap up? Oh wait, he’s one of those foolish men who believe in the “pull out method”. Not to mention, you went RAW on a thot who fucks other rappers? Just as bad as all these gay men who have raw sex with complete strangers all the time.

    Its funny because despite his thottishness, Drake was seen as the anomaly rapper who was somehow expected to be that guy who would eventually have the nuclear family and no “oops” babies by some thots. I guess he is no different.

  4. Drake is as Tasha from Insecure said; A fuckboy who thinks he’s a good man.” Most of his catalog is about having a good girl, fucking it up and regretting it. Drake is not a hood nigga, he’s a dork. Now he’s a dork that got caught out there with low hanging fruit looking for a retirement plan. Notice how most black female celebs like Rihanna wouldn’t touch him. Despite all this he was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world; rich, over 30 with no kids. Now he’s forever tied to a nasty ass pornstar. These niggas never learn. The risk it all for these white girls again and again.

  5. A lot of this makes me believe Drake isn’t as “black as fuck” as he portrays himself to be in his music.

    All this talk about loving thick black women in his songs and he knocks up a chick that looks like an extra vampire from a Blade movie.

    His mom is white so I’m not surprised. My thing is pineapples never get the respectable white women, they get the ones with more mileage than a 98 Toyota Corrola.

  6. Dude is 31yo and was on TV at 15! He has been having the pussy thrown at him since he knew what pussy was. Dweeb is a role he plays to get money. It’s amazing he didn’t get caught up until now. Don’t get the image confused with the man the way we did when we assumed that Bobby Brown corrupted Whitney back in the day.

    1. He probably had white girls throwing the pussy at him…sistas (in the states, since he’s Canadian) were not giving him the time of day until he got with Young Money/Cash Money.

      I don’t believe Dweeb is a role he’s playing. The role he’s playing is the wannabe thug. THAT is the role of his I think he plays very well.

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