So Justin Combs Gets Allegedly Outed Again?

why do big time celebs and attentionistos,
who may be allegedly like dippin’ in foxholes,
always mess with the messiest of jackals and hyenas?
i never understood this concept.
well justin combs,
who seems to not have any common sense,
got allegedly caught up on snapchat.
this is what was allegedly exposed today.
this is what a vix-bi sent me…

if the alleged is true,
why would you even out justin combs tho?
he comes with a ton of connects,
although i’m lost why he would pay for his own ticket.
don’t even be cheap.

at this point,
i don’t even think justin cares anymore.
word in the forest,
the fox wire say he is a wolf who likes head.
in my head,
and all alleged,
he wanted to get his pipe sucked.
in 2018,
it shouldn’t really be a big deal.
i’ll need him to pick better tho.
it leaves me to wonder,
if these messy jackals and hyenas like to out…

How do we go about getting “11pm to 3am” entertainment from some exclusive pipe/tail/both?

they be making it hard for the rest of us.

*this story is all alleged.
believe at your own risk.

i don’t know justin nor what he does in these forests.

20 thoughts on “So Justin Combs Gets Allegedly Outed Again?

  1. It’s just sad that anyone feels the need to put anyone in 2018. What does the loser who did that have to prove to anyone and what does he think he’ll get out of this? Just pathetic smh

  2. Honestly, I’m not buying it. Mostly because none of the bigger gossip sites will never touch a rumor like this.

    Screenshots can be faked and I’ve come to the realization people are pathetic enough to create them for attention. I don’t believe Justin is dumb enough to give someone the opportunity to save screenshots.

    Didn’t he date that rapper Saweetie until he cheated with that IG model Aaleeyah?

  3. I feel like this happens every 6 months or so. I could of sworn this happened before. Maybe hes bisexual. Who knows.

  4. I’m not sold at all. Snapchat has a feature to edit friends names to display what you want. Also, the name is different in both the pics. Looks to me that someone has too much time on their hands. 💁🏽‍♂️ Show me the receipts!

  5. I was going to comment “Poor kid” … but who knows… maybe he is out to his family… maybe they support him… however, if you are creeping around I will go out on a limb and say he is closeted, in which case I hope his fam is there for him.

  6. Like Quincy, anybody else think this boy is NOT Diddy’s biological son. Only Christian is.

    1. It’s no secret that Quincy is not his biological child. Diddy started dating Kim Porter, and Quincy came with the package. He took care of him from an early age, when his papa Al B. Sure kicked them to the curb, and claims him as his son. He’s been off and on with Kim, all along keeping Cassie on the side as well, so they have Christian. I don’t know who the twins’ mama is. LOL

      But like you said, I’ve said the same for years…Justin resembles his mom more than his father. I don’t see Diddy in him anywhere!

  7. A vixen in the comments, assuming she’s friends with the guy who posted the ‘receipts’, claims him & Justin had been talking for months & seen him live on camera(FaceTime?).

    She says everybody is bitter and jealous because Justin wasn’t in their DMs. He pretty much got dragged for outing him and messing up a potential bag.

    I died when someone said ‘It’s the last day of pride and THIS is what you do?’ 😩😂

  8. Honest question here: How do folks even get in contact with these “celebrities”? Asking for a friend lol.. Because I’m sure nowadays everything is conducted online. Gone are the days when you “bumped into” a celebrity at an event or club to get noticed.

    I know one way is to simply have a big social media presence.. When you have thousands of followers & you’re conventionally attractive that will automatically bring hungry suitors to your direct messages.

    The amount of insta girls who have been flowed around the world by some wealthy or famous person to fuck. I can only imagine what the IG male whores DM’s look like.. All the “famous” people messaging, all the money propositions in exchange of sex, all the unsolicited nude pics etc. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to one of these people..

  9. I can’t be surprised although listen if I’m getting famous D im keeping that to myself.

    1. I’m with you RJ. If I’m gettin’ with someone “famous” you best believe I’m keeping that on the low.

      I understand some people feel a need to be relevant, so if they get a famous person coming at them…they’re going to shout it from the top of the mountain.

      Me…I’d sit back, keep my mouth shut and reap the benefits like vacations, bill payments, shopping sprees, etc(if any).

      1. Done it. Even my used to be bestest of friends and fam still have no clue.

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