Fishplates Will Be Served After (Bruvvah James)


Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 9.28.10 AMwelp if you watched scandal this week for the conclusion to #whogotshot,
you know james novak was killed.
personally i thought he was way too nosy,
extremely annoying,
and overstepped his boundaries many times.
i will say this…
i cried during the last ten minutes.
shonda knows how to kill a tv character,
don’t she?
may james and his uncontrolled “doing too much” RIP.

x watch it here

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “Fishplates Will Be Served After (Bruvvah James)”

  1. J thank you……i agree he need to go. he really was overdoing the snooping queen. But that end with jake talking to him telling him he was sorry he could not kill him as quick as the others was so o_0

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