Fishplates Will Be Served After (Bruvvah James)


Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 9.28.10 AMwelp if you watched scandal this week for the conclusion to #whogotshot,
you know james novak was killed.
personally i thought he was way too nosy,
extremely annoying,
and overstepped his boundaries many times.
i will say this…
i cried during the last ten minutes.
shonda knows how to kill a tv character,
don’t she?
may james and his uncontrolled “doing too much” RIP.

x watch it here

This Is What Hate Reads Like (Father Disowns His Son For Being Gay)

now people can get an idea why people remain dl.
it’s almost like you are swimming with crocodiles if people do not accept your lifestyle.

even those people who were suppose to protect you,
like your family.
sadly, shit like this makes you stay in the closet.
this is why i have a huge issue when people out people.
you never know the repercussions of your actions doing that.

how can a father disown his own son?
ask james.
he will show you…

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Lebron James is Ugly-Sexy

You ever see a dude who is not all that attarctive.
I mean, he is kinda hit in the face.
But he got that something that is attractive though.
He got some swagg that makes you want to give him some.

Well that is Lebron James for me.

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