This Is What Hate Reads Like (Father Disowns His Son For Being Gay)

now people can get an idea why people remain dl.
it’s almost like you are swimming with crocodiles if people do not accept your lifestyle.

even those people who were suppose to protect you,
like your family.
sadly, shit like this makes you stay in the closet.
this is why i have a huge issue when people out people.
you never know the repercussions of your actions doing that.

how can a father disown his own son?
ask james.
he will show you…

Five years ago, a man named James called his father and came out to him as gay.

This week, James posted to the web forum Reddit the letter he says his father sent in response, which disowned his son forever, under the heading, “This is how hate sounds.”

“I hope your telephone call was not to receive my blessing for the degrading of your lifestyle,” it begins. “I have fond memories of our time together, but that is all in the past.”

In the letter, James’ father goes on to cut off contact with his son. “No communications at all,” he writes. “I will not come to visit, nor do I want you in my house.”

He continues, “You’ve made your choice though wrong it may be. God did not intend for this unnatural lifestyle.”

If his son chooses not to attend his funeral, he says, “my friends and family will understand.”

The brief, brutal letter ends with, “Have a good birthday and good life. No present exchanges will be accepted. Goodbye.”

James posted the letter to the atheism subforum of Reddit, where it was met with an outpouring of sympathy – though he said that’s not why he posted it.

He told the Daily News that he’s a “well-adjusted guy” at age 33, but many gay young people have difficulty coming out. “These people need serious help, compassion, and guidance, through what will unquestionably be one of the rockiest experiences of their lives,” he said.

James said he’s “not without a religious/spiritual point of view,” even though he posted his father’s letter to the atheism forum.

The controversy over gay marriage – brought to a fever pitch in recent weeks by the news of Chick-fil-A’s millions of dollars in donations to anti-gay groups – made him want to show another side of the story.

Anti-gay sentiments, James wrote from Los Angeles, “extend into families like mine.”

While most Christians won’t go so far as to completely disown their gay children, as James’ father did, he said gay-marriage foes contribute to “breaking the very family unit they hold so sacred.”


that made me sad.
his father is a fucking bitch.
i hope his prostate falls out.
i also hope god repays james with some kind of success.
one of which his father would look back and regret that letter.
disown that changed number asshole.

who knew the biggest crocodile in this ocean of life would be his own father.

i hope jame’s swims good from now on.

8 thoughts on “This Is What Hate Reads Like (Father Disowns His Son For Being Gay)

  1. Fuck that. I wholeheartedly disagree that this is why men choose to live the DL lifestyle. They choose to live that way because they are cowards. No one is saying come out of the closet waving a rainbow flag. However, you can be discreet. There is nothing wrong with that. Being DL usually entails having an ongoing relationship with the opposite sex (just to keep up appearances) while looking for those of same sex to feed their sexual/emotional/physical appetite. There is really no way to justify the DL lifestyle. Especially since the lifestyle is based on lies and keeping a secret.

    I really don’t give a fuck about a sob story. Yes it is sad that some parents/families disown their children once they “come out” but you have to be stronger than the hate that you may receive. Whether you are gay straight bi or tri. People will hate/talk about you until the day that you die. I say this with the utmost compassion…some people need to stop playing these “victim” roles and build a bridge. Life is to short.

  2. Wow so sad. I couldnt imagine my father disowning me because of how God mad me. This is a perfect example of why many choose to be dl or discreet about their lifestyle because of the consequences that may come from it. I pray his father is able to come to terms with it because family is more important than sexuality.

  3. How you gonna disown your flesh in blood for a figment of your imagination? SMH.

    Good riddance.

    My Dad knows and has always known. I’m his favorite son. He’s not a religious fanatic so maybe that’s why he doesn’t give a fuck that his favorite son sucks dick and will one day have an son-in-law once these states in the South ( and federally) stop bullshittin’ and make it legal.

    Stop giving cult members power of your life and you decisions.
    Fuck em’. Fuck their thoughts, feelings, dogmas, or disagreements.

  4. Wow…I’m speechless. It’s kinda weird that when I came out my father was okay with it because he always knew but my mother was the one who flipped

  5. Bless James’s heart. I feel bad for him. I don’t talk to my dad anymore, but I believe he would accept me if I came out, not that I care but still. Situations like this are the reason why it’s tough for people to come out to their families.

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