stop hiding behind gender identity!

dating is hard as it is for everyone,
especially gay males.
everyone thinks it’s easy to jump on an app and find love.
that might be true because i know a few that have,
but it’s the same process as looking for a job.
you gotta fill out a lot of applications and interviews before the one.
who is to say the job is what you expected once you are onboarded?

Imagine meeting someone but they never told you they transitioned from female to male?

that was a recent post i saw on reddit that i wanted to share.
it was titled,
stop hiding behind gender identity“…

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abuse is trendy nowadays.

i’ve had some similar stuff said to me in my comment box.
you’d think i’d know the folks saying it personally.
i’ve peeped some come out of the shadows to cosign like i was in this scene:

in a world of dragging and reading,
this is per the norm on the internet.
the way some folks can send others death threats like it’s nothing…
so imagine

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Cory Carnley Is Making America Great Again #buildthatwall

doesn’t this picture make him look punchable?
his name is cory carnley and you can already tell what he’s about.
^that picture came about with him bragging about reporting someone to ice.
guess what happened next?…
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So I Guess Serena Williams Gets A Pass Today?

so our little baller vixen,
serena williams,
has finally met her match.
she announced today that she is getting married!
check out who the lucky wolf is…
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This Is What Hate Reads Like (Father Disowns His Son For Being Gay)

now people can get an idea why people remain dl.
it’s almost like you are swimming with crocodiles if people do not accept your lifestyle.

even those people who were suppose to protect you,
like your family.
sadly, shit like this makes you stay in the closet.
this is why i have a huge issue when people out people.
you never know the repercussions of your actions doing that.

how can a father disown his own son?
ask james.
he will show you…

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