So I Guess Serena Williams Gets A Pass Today?

so our little baller vixen,
serena williams,
has finally met her match.
she announced today that she is getting married!
check out who the lucky wolf is…

Serena Williams has announced her engagement to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, via, naturally, a Reddit post. On the site’s “/r/isaidyes” forum, Williams wrote,

“I came home. A little late. Someone had a bag packed for me. And a carriage waited. Destination: Rome. To escort me to my very own ‘charming.’ Back to where our stars first collided. And now it was full circle. At the same table we first met by chance. But by choice. Down on knee. He said 4 words. And I said yes.”

Williams and Ohanian had been dating for about a year, and were relatively private about their relationship prior to this announcement. Williams, one of the greatest tennis players of all time and one of the premier athletes in American history, holds 38 Grand Slam titles, including 22 won in singles. Her most recent major victory was at Wimbledon earlier this year. Ohanian is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and in-demand speaker.

The happy couple did not disclose a wedding date. Williams is, at present, preparing for the Australian Open next month.

who woulda thunk a snow wolf could handle all that?

so let’s be real foxhole.
let’s get to it.
why come…
when a black vixen get s a snow wolf its:


his net worth is estimated at 4 million.
hers is 150 million,
but i digress.
now if this was reversed and this was a black wolf/snow bunny:


i mean i’ve done it on the foxhole.
i won’t lie to you.
so i had to wonder…

Why are we so hard on black wolves who date outside their race?

 its hard these days to find a good black wolf.
a foxholer was telling me about a personal trainer wolf who allegedly gets down.
what he likes?
a taste for the hispanic foxes.
why even try?
serena is in the “educated black vixen” category of life.
the “educated black wolves” aren’t checking for her.

Is it really her fault if she gets a snow wolf?

if she got with someone “below her worth”,
everyone would have something to say.
it”ll be the plot to that tyler perry flick,
“daddy’s little girls”.

in a perfect world,
it would be like the cosbys.
mama a lawyer; daddy a doctor.
these days,
mama is a lawyer and she single af.
there are a lot of single black vixens who are holding out for a black wolf.
even the black gays are finding themselves in similar situations situation now.
it’s like you want to stay dating your own,
but the way dating/serious relationships with our own be set up nowadays…
either it’s:

“chasing the racially ambiguous”
“satisfied getting new hole”

“a fuckin mind game to a nervous breakdown”

it’s tough out here.
i wish serena and alexis a successful marriage.

lowkey: it’s weird.
i was just thinking this today before i heard this news.
the new vixen doesn’t want me to “settle”,
but as i want better for my life,
it seems the pickings get slimmer dating-wise.

article taken: yahoo sports

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “So I Guess Serena Williams Gets A Pass Today?”

  1. Ms. Williams, gets a pass!

    Ms. Williams, has it all per se: fame, fortune, but the one the we all crave and desire Love!

    What did Billy Dee tell Ms. Ross, in Mahogany:” Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with”

    I’m sure if one of the brothers she has dated would have got on bended knees and proposed she may have said yes!

    At the end of the day when the applause have ended and the adulation is behind her, she like all of us want to go home to find someone there waiting for us, to love, cherish and hold.

    So if ole boy, stepped up, and want to put a ring on it, go for it Ms. Williams, because if she loves like she plays tennis, he better be ready because she’s going to go hard!


  2. It’s not a pass because black women do get dragged for dating out the race, but it’s a rare occurrence as y colette said. Look almost anywhere and black women will search and go hard for black men who may not be on their level. Meanwhile there have been so many instances (on here alone) where we see a black man who prefers women of other races and some who actively are against dating black women. It’s usually a story of the black woman tried and tried to have a black man, it didn’t work out for whatever reason then moves on to the next and repeats and then in her later years decides to expand her dating pool. If reality is constantly breaking that dream, she can only hold onto her perfect vision for so long before she is forced to choose between it and broadening the scope. Now I fully believe (and lean towards) black love but at some point one has to consider maybe a certain detail of their fantasy ain’t getting fulfilled. So I say congrats and I just hope it’s real and it lasts.

  3. The reason black women get a pass so to speak is because we rarely date outside the race.I do but most don’t .Many studies have shown black women and asian men are the two groups that are the least likely to date outside their race.Serena,Eve, are the exception not the rule.If you look at interracial marriages involving a black person.Almost 70 percent of the marriages are a Black man and a non Black woman.So black men are twice as likely to marry across racial lines as black women.Lastly there are more black women than there are black men in this country.So when you subtract the ones who are locked up,the ones who die prematurely,the ones who are dating non black women,etc the shortage is even greater.I don’t count the gay ones in terms of the shortage because I believe black lesbians cancel out black gay men.(Whenever I read on a blog that a gay couple is preventing two black women from having husbands.I always respond those two black women are lesbians so it all works out😂😂.

    But anyway that’s why she gets a pass because it is rarity.It’s the exception.How many black female celebrities(singers,actors, athletes) have non Black partners vs black male celebrities with non Black partners? It’s not even in the same ballpark.Also I can’t think of any black female celebs that only date non Blacks.Serena dated Common maybe Drake.Halle Berry married two black men David Justice and Eric Benet.Eve dated black men until this relationship.Black Chyna dated Tyga,Future.Kimora Simmons dated Russell and Djimon.

    1. Whoopi Goldberg, Tamera Mowry, Zoe Saldana (is she black?), I think Azealia Banks too LOL

      But yeah the ratio is not levelled with black men who date interacially

      1. Zoe is of Dominican/Puerto Rican descent with African/Haitian roots. She’s at least part black. Tamera Mowry is bi-racial White/Black I believe.

  4. I’ve always thought love is love and as long as the person is happy good for them. I believe in black love and find black wolves sexy but I’ve found other races attractive as well since my crush on Zack from Saved by The Bell when I was younger.

    I don’t think MOST black people care but to piggyback off LD’s comment, the ones who get the most flack for it SEEM to only date white women. It also comes from the mindset that black women tend to be very loyal to black men and sometimes some of them get upset when that same loyalty is not returned to them. I see more black man talking about the beauty of women of other races then I hear black women do about the men of other races.

      1. You remembered that huh? Most people have forgotten her playing like she didn’t hit the person’s care. As for Serena I kinda figured she would be with a white guy. I don’t know a lot of the dudes I talk to thinks has a nice backside but they think she is intimidating. I mean a black woman who is that successful usually has a hard time with black men at least the ones she is equally yolked with. Such a shame that part of how black men choose women is all wrong, at least in my opinion. As for the ‘pass’ a lot of the sites that I have been on everybody has been dragging her and him. You know the usual “she looks like a man or an ape. What is he thinking? Her attitude stinks.” Black men saying “her attitude is too much that’s why she got one of them.” Screw them though. All the best wishes though long as she is happy.

  5. Black women are cherished by all races. Black men are hated. Goes back to slavery. Black men were good as long as they worked or were useful. We are so quick to throw them away…hence the lIves on black crime. ..

    1. Lol Black women are FAR from cherished by all races. Let’s be real. Malcolm X said it best in his speech. Black women are the most disrespected people in America. I love my sisters but lets not act like everything is all peaches and creams when it comes to black women. You see how they did Michelle Obama over the past 8 years? And she is an educated sister. And in slavery, Black women were only good for birthing new slaves. They do not get it any better than Black men.

    2. I agree that black men are treated more violently, only because they’re men. I dont think black women are cherished though, they receive less respect. Even though others stay out here trying to imitate them.

  6. I don’t think she’s getting a pass. She’s had numerous relationships with black men. It’s not like she exclusively only dates white men. I think when people get on black men for dating white women, it’s because that’s all we see them with. I may be wrong but that’s just my take on it.

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