Azealia Banks Will Sacrifice You Like A Chicken

i wouldn’t play around with azealia banks if i was you.
yeah she crazy and can drag you to hell,
but she can also make your life hell too.
azealia allegedly practices ‘brujería and shit.
i guess growing up around dominicans influenced her.
she put up an instagram story for her cleaning out her closet.
she been sacrificing chickens

do you see the feathers?

*proceeds to pray*
i know her bedroom must stink.
i wonder what her neighbors have to say?
i know she didn’t slip by with no damn chickens without being seen.
well realistically,
doing all that did absolutely nothing for her career.
it may have actually backfired on her.
look at all the shit she been in for 2016.

ain’t nothing but the devil.
what ever happened to lighting a candle and saying a prayer?

lowkey: do spells really work?
i hear spell work is more common than you think.

i hear there is an alleged pr actress/singer/whatever who practices santeria.
this is why she has all these wolves trippin’ off her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Will Sacrifice You Like A Chicken”

  1. Black magic is real please don’t sleep a close friend of mine in Williamsport, PA her grandmother on father side of the family practiced black magic and she said as a child Her grandmother would speak stuff on people and it would come to past, and she said once her grandmom died folks said the house was haunted and no one ever moved into the place…I honestly think Azealia is more crazy rather than demonic…but stay prayed up in 2017 spiritual warfare and attacks are real and very common thats why so many are emotionally unbalanced. They entertain too many spirits in more ways than another…and i heard

  2. You all are LATE. Azealia has always been upfront about practicing witchcraft. Its very common in the entertainment business. Miss lemonade practices these things also.

    1. lol we know practices have been around for centuries folks just dont know what kind of spirits they entertain when they practice it…i always have my thoughts about Beyonce but when she said she plugged her menses with the holy book i was like wtf Bey using bible pages as a tampon lmao

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