abuse is trendy nowadays.

i’ve had some similar stuff said to me in my comment box.
you’d think i’d know the folks saying it personally.
i’ve peeped some come out of the shadows to cosign like i was in this scene:

in a world of dragging and reading,
this is per the norm on the internet.
the way some folks can send others death threats like it’s nothing…
so imagine

Your partner texting you some shit like that?

i stumbled across that text on a reddit thread today from “r/abusiverelationships”:


some show people like it’s a badge of honor and rarely do we leave.
many of us are comfortable being abused while our favorite songs highlight it.
there are so many reasons why we choose to stay in the midst of abuse.
i can’t even font this is just males who do this.
i’ve seen the way some vixens have texted wolves i know.
we have made this normal though.
lgbt vs lgbt,

and relationships.
society has embraced being abusive as a sign of true power over others.

Abuse is trendy nowadays.

…and it isn’t until the abuser kills the victim is when we wanna acknowledge it.

Author: jamari fox

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One thought on “abuse is trendy nowadays.”

  1. Saving that screenshot for the next time I feel lonely.

    I’d rather slip and bust my head open in the shower alone and be found 2 years later, than to deal with that, just to say I’m booed up.

    Whew chillay!

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