adele is right on time to give us “sad girl fall”

you couldn’t not tell me adele’s first single would be a reggae-inspired bop.
one that speaks about heartbreak with a fuckboi on a nice dancehall riddim.
it would have us shouting “bop! bop!” as we weep.
adele teased her new single,
easy on me“,
on her twitter…

that sounds absolutely depressing.

I’m kinda here for it.

you know i love my sad bops although i’m in “fuck you pineapple” territory.
my music selection has gone from sad songs to…

“You are a sorry ass ‘buthafuckin’ mitch’.
I hope when you die,
you go straight to hell where satan’s underlings will take turns on you with a rusty dildo.
I hope that every time you scream with every thrust,
you see my face standing above you laughing at your misery.”

…kinda bops.
the type of music that says “yeah, you hurt me but i’m about to come back hard“.

i’m moving through the “5 stages of grief” quite exquisitely.
adele may be a tiny bit too depressing for me right now,
but i’ll check her out on october 15th.

10 thoughts on “adele is right on time to give us “sad girl fall”

  1. KeepItABuck is going through it in these comments.

    I remember people saying Mary J. Blige needed to get cheated on, because her music was too happy. Same for Keyshia Cole.

    I only know the Adele songs that play on the radio. Her songs feel like “like them because everybody else does”. She also has an odd singing style. Most times I cannot tell a UK singer is from there, until an interview. Her accent is heavy in her music.

  2. It’s 2021 not 2011. I don’t know why anyone still listens to this “I’ll always be hefty no matter how much fat I suck out of my gut” ass “crybaby about unrequited love” ass bitch.

    1. Wow you are really pressed about someone you claim to be over. Interesting….

      1. She got her undeserved fame off being a fat white woman mediocre singer who is constantly a victim of unrequited love like she didn’t play a part in the failure of those relationships. I’m tired of her. She’s boring and overrated.

        I wonder why classier more talented Jazmine Sullivan didn’t get the same mainstream push 🤔

        1. Because she doesn’t lean in to adult contemporary enough which is probably the most persistently lucrative genre out there. The genre has been at the top of it’s game for a minute and I don’t see it dying down. 2 different artists baby.

    1. Well she went through a divorce so probably not too happy, or maybe towards the end of the album will be happy.

      1. She needs to get over it. The general public is tired of hearing her whine about her failed relationships.

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