julio gomez isn’t having a great time over at rikers (the caged bird sings)

julio gomez has an appendage that can feed a family of 5.
i don’t know who or why would even try to take it.
( x see folks who tried )
he is literally “the cervix killer“.
remember that page of tumblr...
suggested that he was..
because of a video with him and….

tumblr was a good ass time when it was poppin’.

Who knew Julio Gomez was over at Rikers for 3 years now?

julio is in fear of his life at rikers.
he had an interview with “cbs new york” as to why…

Ain’t Julio scared doing all this dry snitching tho?

peace be with that man.

Rikers is scary af.

( x the kalief browder story ) was enough for me.
i cried so bad watching his documentary on bet when it aired.
shout out to jay for putting that together.


my home-wolf,
shocked me when he told me he got arrested before.
in his words:

everyone in New Yawk been arrested for something.
It be for a little scamming or robbery charge.
fighting or having to slap your girl up when she outta control.”



he wasn’t talking to me.
i been caught once when i was young for stealin’ a cd,
but they let me go but my so-called friend snitched on me.
i’ll never forget that ass-whuppin’ my mama gave me in front of the same friend.

these days,
rikers is outta control.
they had the inmates working because guards refused to go to work.
they were all on tik tok showing what was happening.
rikers will be closing in 2027.
( x see it here )

lowkey: would you date a “bam bam” if he got released from prison?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “julio gomez isn’t having a great time over at rikers (the caged bird sings)”

  1. I’m not familiar with this guy but I’m surprised he admitted that he has been sexually assaulted. I’ve noticed when guys discuss jail/prison they talk about witnessing or hearing about rapes/sexual assaults but they rarely acknowledge that they have been sexually assaulted.

    Also it’s always shocking to me that people are still being held in jail for YEARS even though they haven’t been convicted of a crime,haven’t had their day in court.I hope he gets his day in court soon.

    1. ^he must have been at his wits end to say that outloud.
      i guess the stereotype is people get their manhood taken in jail.
      all sad situations that end up destroying others around the person as well.

    2. Tbh, sexually assaulted could mean a lot of things. It could’ve been a c.o. who saw how his dick hangs to his knees who made him let him/her suck it. Those stories def exist. Doesn’t mean he got raped… And I think the news story said he was being held on robbery or assault. At the end of the day, it’s his bad because porn and escorting could’ve been a gold mine for him. Not that it condones the deplorable conditions and treatment at all.

      And yes Rikers is hell. C.O.s are usually just hoodrats who are only there for the good benefits of a city job. They don’t give a fuk, and are the main ones in cahoots w the head jailbirbs. If not, they’re looking down/away and going along w the status quo, or they’re power tripping.

      And forever rip to kalief browder. That young man’s story is still hard to swallow. Proves just how pathetic our system is.

      As for dating an ex offender, I wouldn’t rule someone out for their past if their present and future truly aren’t a reflection. Have yall ever seen the show ‘Love After Lockup’? Most of the ppl on there are scammers and clowns, but dating an ex con is the premise. It’s an entire fool, but a hilarious guilty pleasure.

  2. I knew he looked familiar when I saw the report on TV but I couldn’t place the face. I also should have known you’d have the 411 on him. I feel bad for Julio Gomez, even though I don’t know what he did (or was accused of) to end up in Rikers, which more than one person has described as Hell on Earth. The entire prison industrial complex is dehumanizing, racist and an abomination.

    Can I just also say thank you for remembering Kalief Browder. That story breaks my heart and speaks to how unequal a “justice” system exists in this country.

    1. ^i will always show respect for kalief browder.
      his legacy will continue to be shone.
      his story broke my heart.
      more people need to know his story and i’m happy to keep on sharing it when i see fit.

      1. See… all he had to do was keep filming those blacked . Com scenes w those tiny white girls and get his escort bookings (with both sexes if he was smart…) and mind his damn business. He wrote his own express ticket to Rikers! #idiot . Whole dime (from the neck down) and now you’re in Rikers yelling ‘please cry for me argentina!’ Smh

      2. Karma,,, He is disturbed and is exactly where he needs to be.[ That is him in the video news feed correct? ]

          1. I couldn’t ever bring myself to watch the documentary on Kalief Browder. Reading about it was a trigger for me as a result I chose not to watch it. Rikers should have closed ages ago. It’s probably haunted too with all those souls there.

  3. I’m exhausted looking at a dick that size. Only once did I have trade pull out a dick like that and I just could not begin to even consider taking that or breaking my jawbones. The Fisting Queen’s would have to handle that.
    I hope that Melvin/Julio makes it out safely and arrives back mentally and physically intact. That new hard jawed Governor should do something QUICKLY.

  4. Typical THOT, porn-addicted jamari to turn a serious situation into something sexual by forcing us to watch julio’s sex scenes and by asking if you would date a “bam bam”. Rikers definitely needs to close, it’s evil and barbaric.

  5. “or having to slap your girl up when she outta control.””

    Um………………………………that’s concerning to say that so casually. Watch the company you keep.

    This whole article is depressing. The 13th amendment documentary was difficult to finish.

  6. The 13% sure love to glorify society’s scum. Freddy “Fentanyl” Floyd, & now a thug porn star. Y’all’s culture is a cancer to civilized society. Brainwashed by democrats & stuck on the liberal plantation.

    1. Meanwhile you conservatives has an affinity for putting sexual assaulters on the Supreme Court and all of you conservatives (after hearing in his own voice) put that sexual deviant who bragged about how he walk up to attractive women he doesn’t know and grab them by their genitals, AND paid hush money to porn stars in our White House.

      I wish you would open your mouth calling Democrats brainwashed & stuck on the liberal plantation. We liberals kick our sexual deviants out of power…..we don’t promote or reward their bad behavior.

      1. Amen .. you sure showed that Bill Clinton a thing or two! Nothing we love more than a Consistent Standard!

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