listen to the message; the messenger is an alleged scammer?

the message is clear…

Ya’ll got me not trusting any of these social media couples no more.

even if folks are private,
they are just sparing us from judging their misery.

Don’t even get me started when kids start getting involved.

#couplesgoals tho.

so one of the foxholers put up this video on their ig stories.

i felt like God and The Universe sent that message to me.
i’ve been feeling some kind of way lately.
so i like to send these kinds of videos in texts to inspire my friends.
i get this response that blew my top off


see a video here:

not a christian allegedly scamming…

ya’ll can’t act normal on this social media shit?

i think the message that God and The Universe keep telling me is clear.
i continue to keep my hands clean and receive blessings.
that path is longer and lonelier.
others may choose to scam and thats cool.
if folks choose to not fuck with me because of that,
it’s all love,
because they all usually end up getting embarrassed in the future.
i would never bite the foxhole that feeds me.
donell is right tho.

I’d rather have an impact.

these other influencers on social media keep on moving that football each time…

see more: here

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