your ceo wants you back in that office to continue your role as “corporate slave”

We ain’t going back into no office.

…and why should we?

ever since the pandemic,
everyone has been wfh since last year.
when it first started,
everyone was panicking about how they would do it.
as the months went on,
it was like riding a bike.
the zoom calls are outta control,
but many folks i know are happy.
many ceos are not happy and want workers back in their cubicle prisons.
this article from cnbc shares their frustrations and well…

CEOs are at their wits’ end to figure out how to get their employees back into the office as high levels of Covid infections persist 18 months into the pandemic. That’s the sentiment shared by CNBC’s David Faber and Jim Cramer, who regularly speak with business leaders about return-to-work challenges.

I continue to hear a litany of frustration from those who run large organizations in terms of their inability to get people back in the office,” Faber said Friday in an exchange with his “Squawk on the Street” co-host Cramer. “I had a lunch and a dinner last night,” Faber said. “It’s just a never-ending theme. Some of these CEOs are at their wits’ end as how they deal with it. ‘How do I get people back in.’”

why would anyone want to go back into an office to deal with that bs again?
you know the bs i’m talmbout:

Micromanaging bosses meddling over your shoulder
Meetings that could have been emails
Abuse and torment if you’re not liked by your boss
Watching ass kissers and legit dick-suckers get promoted
Slaving while the favorites get to go to breakfast with your boss
Karens, Chads, and their racist antics
Black professionals who become abusive pieces of shit
Black companies that turn out to be satan’s dungeon of tricks and no treats

Etc etc etc…

Why would anyone want to go back to that?

folks are working in other states comfortably and enjoying their schedules.
some are traveling to different countries and not missing a meeting.
i haven’t heard about any big companies going under since the pandemic.
instead of worrying about trying to get folks back into an office,
they need to realize how much money they are saving.

At my last job I was the receptionist,
office manager,
event coordinator,
lion tamer,
and shark diver.

the amount of money i spent on office supplies,

party supplies,
and other amenities for the office,
i’m sure their cheap asses are thanking their lucky stars for this panny.

it seems everyone is doing what they gotta do without the pressure.
they gave folks a taste of what it’s like to wfh successfully and look what happened.

They realized they don’t have to deal with these offices and their abuse.

sorry for em.

lowkey: this one lady from my last job,
who has been there forever,
got let go right after me for her wfh schedule.
she had specific days being off for her kids.
her bitch made boss spitefully let her go because of it.
how ironic what happened a few months later.
last i heard,
she is happier not being there.

article cc: cnbc

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “your ceo wants you back in that office to continue your role as “corporate slave””

  1. My old uni said no masks as long as you’re vaccinated. So everyone on campus had to be vaccinated or not allowed to attend classes. Now, there’s a mask mandate.

    Working from home saves me SO MUCH MONEY with commuting. The jig is up. They were paying people to go back to campus smh because of the revenue lost from the college town, dorming, etc I only go out to buy stuff that’s too expensive with Instacart grocery delivery and for fun ONCE a month.

  2. I’m so glad that woman is happier now. I’ve had pregnant co-workers working who were ready to drop and I’m worried about their well-being and managers are yelling at me to mind my business and that “she’s fine”. People don’t want to say it, but we build our ENTIRE lives around work. Do we live where we want to live? No, we look for somewhere close to our job. And what if we get laid off? Then we have to move again to be close to another risky situation.

    What it comes down to, is jobs don’t treat humans like humans. They treat you like expendable robots. I really wish I had a job that allowed mental health days and provided mental health services and consequence free whistleblowing.

    The pandemic has showed how much like slavery jobs were. I’ve seen people come in the day of a funeral because the job didn’t approve time off for them to mourn. People coming in sick because they don’t have health insurance. Jobs that fire you if they find out you have another job? (Maybe if you paid a living wage, people wouldn’t NEED a second job!)

    1. ^THEY DONT!!!!
      you hit the nail on the head.

      i’ve healed from my last job thru therapy,
      but i will continue to drag my last job and corporate any chance i get.
      the abuse deserves to be called out.
      it’s ridiculous.

      1. Corporate is all about the profits. The Boards & CEO’s are looking at their bonuses shrinking, and that is why they want folks back in the offices. Nothing more, nothing less. They could give a damn about their employees, especially the lower level employees that do the day in, day out activities that keep the businesses going.

  3. OH! Jamari, you want to know how sick this corporate mess is?

    Before I started at my last job, there was a man who was found sleeping in the break room. They tapped him, and he’d passed away right there. He died on the job. You know what the first thing that the manager said?

    “Somebody go and clock him out”

    Imagine that being your FIRST thought!

    1. Doesn’t surprise me. This country is built on corporate slavery. Your ability to see a damn dr (insurance) is tied to your job. Calling employees at the CVS and Target ‘essential workers’, and they can’t even get insurance because ‘they make too much’.

      Govts literally shutting down fed unemployment benefits for their residents to get ppl back to work, as if making more money on unemployment than working 40 hrs/wk (N/A here in NYC) isn’t the real issue.

      These ceo’s only want ppl back in the office because they don’t want their leased office space to go to waste.

      Why do you think kids spend most of the 9 to 5 work day in school for 13 years learning the same regurgitated shit? Why am I taking chemistry in 7th grade AND 10th? I could’ve passed the GED test by 6th grade (prob sooner) and went on about my business, but that wasn’t an option because they needed me in school so my mom could be a corporate drone.

      Lesson is, the US is a corporation. We are simply a third world country w a gucci belt on.

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