she ain’t looking like ya’ll chika right now

ya know,
i thought after the last incident with rapper chika,
she would go out trying to win.
( x see last incident here )
cue tyra:

chika thought it was a bright idea to diss people kids on twitter

it all started because of this:

and more of her explanation:

i did not know she had a long-standing beef with the barbz.
i don’t even want to know why.


Kids are off-limits in draggings.

they are way too young to defend themselves.
they can grow into their looks if they are a:

“Now that’s a baby!”

…if ya know what i’m fonting.
those two kids are cute so i don’t understand why she went after them.

i feel like i’ve heard more about chika getting in beefs than her actual talent.
she should do something about that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “she ain’t looking like ya’ll chika right now”

  1. Fuck them kids lmaooo sike naw I understand what you’re saying. Chika needs media training to learn how to deal with trolls. However I dont feel sorry for the trolls. I know with many people when you do or say malicious and egregious things NOTHING is off limits when people respond. It’s almost like me telling people I’ll fuck them up on site but then complain once that same individual attacks me with their cousin in front of my job. Folks can’t do wrongdoing but then cry foul when it’s done in return. There’s no boundaries unfortunately when you cross the line. This is why folks have to stop letting social media give them courage to talk dirty to celebs. Most will ignore you but every now and then you’ll run into someone who doesn’t care. Don’t expect roses when you’re giving shit.

  2. Chika has TALENT, and a very specific fan base, & if you’re a true fan then you know Chika doesn’t spare ANYBODY… Her personality is definitely an acquired taste but if you come for her with a butter knife best believe she’s coming back with an AR-15!

    The barbs are NASTY, EVIL, & VILE sooooo I wouldn’t say I’m mad at Chika for bringing their kids into it 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. It’s giving cardi b. Ranting and raving and responding to literally anyone. Girl log off

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