guess who lizzo’s favorite person in the whole f’n world is?

lawd ham mercy,
this hasn’t been the greatest of weeks for lizzo.
some folks didn’t take her ( x “twerk for my ancestors” ) statement well,
but what she said when she met chris brown didn’t score high for her as well.
she said this when she met chris brown the other day…

“You’re my favorite person in the whole fuckin’ world.”


lizzo just went on a ted talk saying she is “pro-black woman,
but an artist who has been labeled an “abuser” to a black vixen is your favorite person in the world?

between the comments on ( x buzzfeed ) and ( reddit ),
along with social media,
they have been eating her up.

here is the thing:

Chris Brown has made good music!

his music has been a favorite for all of us at one point or another.
he has also done some sketchy shit that hasn’t made him look good either.
two things can be true.
if i met him,
i wouldn’t say he is my favorite person because that would be a lie.
as a celeb,
she has to be careful with the things she promotes along with her actions.

lizzo might need to just take a teensy tiny break from speaking for a while.
i need her to load out this new album because she is doing a tad too much lately.
just a tad.
it hasn’t been aligning with her talent.

lowkey: we love lizzo when she is performing.
we need more of that.

4 thoughts on “guess who lizzo’s favorite person in the whole f’n world is?

  1. I lost my faith in her since she twerked butt (cheek) naked at a basketball game.
    Fast forward 2021 she’s doing TED talks about the origins of twerking.

    1. Yeah that’s when I was over her and her shenanigans too. Lizzo has fat girl syndrome where she does and says anything for attention and to be liked. She has about 2 or 3 cute songs but the rest of her mess is corny and she can’t sing nearly as good as she believes in her head. She’s the fat girl that wants to sit at the popular table. There’s too much insecurity trying to be passed off as confidence. I wish her well cuz she’s my age and a Taurus but I ain’t checking for her.

      I do like that she bring out the big girls to dance with her, that should become normal to see all sizes on stage. MoNique is a pioneer!

  2. He has a great ear for music. If only he could sing live.

    People need this same energy for Mark Wahlberg. He’s a violent racist that society has forgiven.

    Rihanna forgave him and as far as I know he hasn’t attacked anyone else. Not taking up for him, but give a Black man the same redemption arc that a white man gets. I’m never letting this hypocritical vitriol for Black celebs go. We kiss white people’s feet and hold our own to the fire.

    James Franco is a literal pedophile. Chris Brown is hardly the worst.

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