lizzo twerks for our ancestors who couldn’t twerk for their (sexual) freedom

when lizzo first came out with “juicy”,
i was obsessed.
i’ll be 100:

This big vixen is killing it.
She is dancing,
and giving no fucks with her lyrics.

in 2019,
i think i listened to her debut album every day going to that hell hole of a last job.
in 2020,
i think i saw every inch of lizzo’s naked ass.
if it wasn’t twerking then it was being naked for the gram.
it started to become repetitive and redundant.
well in 2021,
lizzo had a ted talk where she explained why she twerks and via “the jasmine brand“…


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“I twerk for the strippers,
for the video vixens,
the church ladies who shout,
the sex workers…”

okay soooooo…
she is twerking for strippers,
video vixens,
and sex workers who all twerk because it pays the bills.
they aren’t being oppressed for clapping their cheeks.
we live in a very sex-positive generation so i’m confused.
white vixens are twerking nowadays.
( x example 1 )
( x example 2 )
she is twerking for church ladies who probably look down on this kind of shit.
i don’t see church ladies twerking at the pool pit.
behind the scenes in the pastor’s office for a dollar might be another story tho.


“I twerk for my ancestors…”

i don’t recall reading that harriett tubman was twerking as she was freeing the slaves.
was harriett doing this from the other side of the underground railroad?

“For my bitches,
“Hey girl!”…”

lizzo needs to cut the shit.
she can fool everyone else but she isn’t fooling me.
lizzo twerks,
because in her mind,

this is what makes her feel confident and sexy as a big vixen.
she isn’t thinking about black vixens as a whole when she is shaking her ass.
she is thinking about dick.
unless she is a lesbian,
the sex workers she stated twerk because of the dick.
she doesn’t come off confident to me these days.
she did before when she first dropped.
this comes off the opposite tbh.
it’s like anyone who was/is insecure and is getting attention for their body now.
they got hyped and start going overboard with it.
it’s like the vixens in high school who became hoes for male attention.

it’s not even about being fatphobic because i feel the same about chloe these days.
she seems defined by being overly sexual that it’s become try hard.

beyonce and rih knew when to be sexy and when to reel it in.
same with britney and the “post diirty” christina.
you see what happened when miley cyrus was twerking and being extra.

Some of these folks need to learn balance.

if all your self-esteem is tied into being naked and overly sexual,
that says more about your lack of confidence than anything else.
i’d like to see lizzo more clothed in 2022 tbh.
i’ve seen her kill a few looks.
jill scott and jazmine sullivan,
who are/were considered big and beautiful,
didn’t have to do alla of this to sell a record.
i am jamari fox and this is my ted talk.

lowkey: as much as i love my sexy naked males on social media,
you can tell many of them don’t have much to offer besides the gym,
and dms.

24 thoughts on “lizzo twerks for our ancestors who couldn’t twerk for their (sexual) freedom

  1. Respectability politics.

    When Miley did it, “She was having fun” with her long back.

    Lizzo does it, “gross”. In the name of Sarah Baartman, let her shake whatever the f she wants.

  2. jamari idk if it’s you or your janky blog but stop deleting my comments pussy. Let me KEEP IT A BUCK! You see my username! People need to know the truth!

    1. Keepitbuck, The only thing Janky is your ghetto ass, tired, rehearsed bitter gay man reads. The fuck are you angry all the time for ? Maybe if you spent less time off the site and more time finding a nigga, then you wouldn’t be so damn sexually frustrated. Yo ass probably bigger than Lizzo. You needed a moment and some acknowledgment.

    1. Yeah it’s definitely a mask to hide her insecurities. I think that’s what turns people off. She comes off as phony.

  3. Undulation and gyrating is an important dance in many African cultures. To others, it looks “funny” when it has deep meaning. Belly dancing for example originated in Northern Africa with the Ouled Nail women and allowed women to be independent in a repressive society that was sexist. Also, men “twerking’ is very common in attracting a woman depending on the customs.

    Everything we do is a modified version of what our ancestors did, from the hooping and hollering in church to the beats we think are fire.

    I got what she was saying, but she could have said it better.

    1. Yep twerking and belly dancing are historical dances that’s didn’t always have a sexual connotation. For example belly dancing was family friendly form of entertainment that would be done at big celebrations. Men and women both did it. It wasn’t until later when it became exoticized that belly dancing was known as this seductive dance. You can look at social gathers on Google of present day belly dancing in Egypt and see it still practiced in its historical context as a form of high entertainment.

  4. *comment deleted.

    ^first and foremost,
    i might not agree with lizzo but i don’t want to wish death on her.
    that is absolutely unacceptable.
    i don’t know why you made my website the home for your toxicity,
    but further comments like that will get your ass blocked.
    you say what you need to say without wishing ill on someone.

    my community is not built on that or for that.
    i understand you aspire to be the big bad troll,
    but your ass will be outta here as well.
    take that shit to the parlor app.


  5. What is she talking about lmaoooo
    No u twerk because ppl said fat was undesirable and you want to trend and say fuck u to critics

    Just be honest baby

    I hate how everything has to be pathologised

    Not only that but i’m tired of this intellectually dishonest argument that black women need to reclaim their sexuality black women are the most sexualized group of women has no one ever heard of Sarah Bartman Venus hottentot everyone thinks all they are good for is sex and reproducing

    There was a time that we were breaking societal norms and generational curses

    Why is every artist doing the same shit ? This why I miss the mariahs and the Mary’s Beyoncé gave us shaking but talent .. now the girls have the shaking without the vocals or routines . If I wanted to see bottle girls I could go to starlets

    Now gay men idolize this shit and show they ass everyday on social media too! It’s ok to do it but let’s be real about WHY it’s done

    1. !!!!!

      And all the while these White Liberals cheer us on as we perpetuate these tired and played out tropes.

  6. I think you missed the point of her talk. For Lizzo, twerking is a form of sexual liberation. It is the reclaiming of her body and autonomy through expressing herself as she sees fit. Women, especially Black Women, have paradoxically been shamed for being sexually while also being oversexualized so Lizzo is expressing freedom that she hopes other women can have, whether it is sex workers, video vixens, that shouting lady in church, or as it should’ve been, our ancestors.

    Also, sex workers are oppressed because sex work is mostly illegal, video vixens get slut shammed, the church lady who may look down at Lizzo has been conditioned to think that what she is doing is somehow unbecoming, and a lot of ancestors were robbed of their sexually autonomy so that is what she means when she says she is doing it for them (people who can`t or could not do it freely or without shame).

    1. ^so all black women are is just shaking their ass?

      i hate to break it to lizzie but most women shake their ass when they dance.
      most sex workers shake their ass,
      hence why they her paid for male gaze and pleasure.
      she isn’t being groundbreaking in her argument.

      1. Did she say that all Black women are is just shaking their ass? If she did, please show me but if she didn`t you are conflating things.

        One again, I think your missing the bigger point of her argument. It is not about just twerking, it is about what twerking represents for her in a world where Women, especially Black Women (lets add Bigger Women too) are sexually restricted. Most women may shake their ass when they dance but usually they get shamed for this. Sex workers get paid under the table because their work is look down upon. Lizzos argument is groundbreaking because she is reclaiming her freedom to do whatever she wants.

        1. When will we have a conversation about Black Male Sex Workers? That would be interesting. Who is interested in those in the shadows of that lucrative industry? The thugbait guys; trade along those lines. Bus station trade. Late night pickups. X-rated bookstore denizens of dickery? Incidentally, does anyone know who the tired producer of thugbait content is, who talks in the background, but is never seen? Just curious.

        2. I agree w/your points Mr. J. I’ve seen how women are constantly put down & repressed, no matter what they do so what Lizzo is doing is repping for women, period but especially big black women who get the most disdain. Women in religion are oppressed the most even though they willingly participate. Lizzo is repping for them as well since she knows many of them are watching silently & feeling like they don’t have that freedom.

          Patriarchy has a VERY heavy hand in the US & across the world that we as men aren’t as aware of because of the privilege it offers us. Men can do WTF we want whereas women don’t have that. They are constantly judged, demeaned, abused & taken advantage of. And men don’t see it or choose not to see it because we don’t encounter it from other men, unless of course you’re gay, then we encounter it because we’re not engaging in the patriarchal ‘norms’ of straight, white males.

          I really make an effort as a gay man to accept everyone & acknowledge their struggles. I don’t succeed but I try. Just because I don’t experience it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it’s just not my experience. Then again, I see it a lot across the internet w/women I know & friends of mine, not just celebs. So I’m really trying to expand my conscientiousness & see my privilege more & combat it by speaking up for women. As a gay man I may not like seeing big women’s bodies but that’s because I like men. I can just scroll on. Big black men (I’m not talking about big, muscular or in shape men) are not my cuppa tea either but I know they need to cut free & show their ass to express their form of sexy too. Some don’t want to see old men either but we need the freedom to express our sexuality.

        3. I think a bigger point is bigger women who are often robbed of sexuality in general. The common “no one wants to see that” is often applied to big girls who are overtly sexual. Although I do think she goes overboard, she is showing that fat people aren’t sexless, but are just as sexual and free to express this as their thinner counter parts.

      2. I can’t believe I’m saying this but for the first time I am agreeing with Jamari. If you can’t see that Lizzo is disrespecting the ancestors by tying twerking to them you are an idiot and naive. Why can’t it be any other classier dance like the waltz or ballet/pirouette to express sexual freedom? Of course it has to be twerking for black women right? Lizzo loves pushing stereotypes to the mainstream about black women, She knows what she’s doing. She is evil as fuck.

        1. This has to be the most coon-worthy comment I’ve ever read on this bog.

          “Classier”? Like the waltz/ballet/pirouette? All styles popularized by WHITE people? Mind you, what you call “classical” music was brought to whites by the Moors who had no analog for stringed instruments, but you’re too busy trying to snag you a trust fund yuppie to know that.

          The shaming of Black women is rampant and people would have a problem even if she was covered up. Look at how they did Gabourey Sidibe.

          I get why every Black’s person dream destination is somewhere in Europe, now.

          1. Shut up trick. Where did I mention that the waltz/ballet/pirouette was only a white thing? So black people can’t do those dances? You are blind if you can’t see that those dances are way more classier in movement than twerking, it has NOTHING to do with white/black shit. Looks like you just outed yourself as the coon here.

            I know you’ve been wanting me to reply to you so bad, well it’s your lucky day today. Clout chasing hoe.You’re my number one fan always replying to my comments. You better screen shot this, cause this is the LAST time Imma give you ANY type of energy. This discussion is only for intelligent people with class such as myself and class and intelligence are things YOU “seli” lack severely. The only thing coming out of your mouth should be the cum from the numerous dicks you suck. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and your fingers in your pockets Ma’am.

  7. Okurrrr. That’s BooBoo Kitty teeheehee. Living in San Francisco in the late 80s and 90s, I saw all these manly looking HUGE eggplant Queens stunting. Allegedly they were transgender. The real deal was, that wig drew d🍆🍆k. I thought it was so fake. Jamari you kindly told the truth about Lizzo. We know what all that twerking is fuh. I bet she plays in that Juicy Lucy for some big ole monster, veiny black 🍆🍆🍆🍆 trade.

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