Dreams Of F*cking A Down Low Wolf Dick (I’m Just Playin’ What I’m Sayin)

As I sit back relax
Steam a blunt, sip a Becks
Think about the sexy singers (niggas) that I wanna sex – Notorious BIG, Dreams.

i think some downlow wolves are sexy as shit.

i know.
what you want me to do?
i’m sorry.
my truth committed a sin and your life has been affected.
i’ll send you a “i’m sorry” card in the mail.
but check it out…
downlow men are always going to be sexy because:

  • forbidden “fruits” are always sweeter (no pun intended)
  • the maximum fantasy
  • the sex unhinges the bed

it is normal to be attracted to something you can’t have.
why do you think celebrities are in business?
i think people are always curious about things that are forbidden.
with anything forbidden, it can come with a lot of problems.
i also think downlow is always glorified as a witch hunt.
explains why some of them do what they do.
but, what if you met a downlow guy who was willing to follow all your rules…
…as long as you respected his?
is that still wrong?
is he still a demon who needs to be beaten with a cross?
i started to wonder…

What is really wrong with being on the down low?

i think everyone in this lifestyle has had the fantasy of turning out someone who is “trade”.
some of us have gotten that chance.
that dude you saw on the street and he was a thug, regular kat, corporate guy, or even a baller wolf.

i don’t see why people get condemned for their fantasies.
it is not a big fucking deal, to be honest.
no one says anything to straight people for what they like.
straight wolves have fantasies of turning out vixens in power.
vixens have fantasies of turning out baller wolves and anyone with money.
it’s life.

what if you met a wolf/fox/hybrid (who happened to downlow) and he was everything you wanted?
he still likes beating the stuffing out of vixens.
he also likes fucking you.
he uses protection and make sure everything is safe.
sort of like the story JAY presented in the last entry.
would you turn him down still?
even if he looked like this:

you would be a fool.

or, would you ride that thing for a while until the wheels for off?
maybe it may not last.
maybe it will.
who knows.
but, you never know until you try… right?
you aren’t locked into a contract.
you can stop it at anytime you feel uncomfortable.

i think the problem with people is they listen to other people’s situations and think it is the “rule”.
they hear stories of aids, stds, and other messy shit from the common niggers out there.
they also don’t try anything because “nay nay did and it didn’t work out“.
well, did you ever consider that nay nay maybe a raging idiot who don’t have the common sense god gave him?

i started to wonder about the downlow thing…
yes, some of them are idiots.
some of them are sloppy and messy.
but some are actually pretty damn cool.
i have a lot of down low wolves/foxes/and hyrbids who email me and are pretty honest about their lives.
made me look at them differently.
i listened to a ton of “nay nay” who made me look at them like they are the devil.
i have seen more downlow guys get comfortable by the company they kept.
if you come in their life and lead them correctly,
it may actually work out to be a beautiful thing.
or even a great friendship.

i’m not saying chase wolves/foxes/and hybrids you can’t have,
but don’t turn one down because of fear.
fear will have your ass nowhere, alone, and with no experiences to teach others with.

Do the downlow wolves/foxes/and hybrids get a bad rep?

27 thoughts on “Dreams Of F*cking A Down Low Wolf Dick (I’m Just Playin’ What I’m Sayin)

  1. Is that fine ass deion sanders jr in the first picc? That boy’s swag does somethin for me for some reason lol.

  2. I think that it would be hard for a discreet dude to be with a DL man & dayum near impossible for a out one…at least for anything more than sex. Just because a DL dude isn’t planning on coming out anytime soon. Now if he’s closeted, then he may just need to feel comfortable.

    My biggest issue with DL dudes is sleeping with women that are unaware they also sleep with men. It makes all of us look bad.

  3. Just like straight men who lie to other women about having a girlfriend. Just like gay men who lie about being masculine.

    You show me anyone who is completely comfortable in their skin before the age of 25 and I will show you a liar or an anomaly. Loving the skin you’re in sounds all nice but it takes growth.

    Sorry, I refuse to condemn some 20 something that is still finding themselves in a variety of ways and call them some DL demon. Yea their lies hurt other people..so do a lot of the mistakes all people make.

    Now a late 30’s/40’s father of three might be a different case. As time goes on he’s less likely to change.

    I don’t believe you can label high school/ college-aged dudes DL and I don’t think the label was made for them. Do you know how much changing one goes through at that age? How many identities they go through? That whole age range is just one mistake and fuck up after another they have to learn from.

    1. I call 18-25 the second teenage life but with different numbers. College has a lot to do with that. That’s a period where people should be re-defining themselves for certainty, but a person should have a great idea of who they are already. Nobody should be 28 or 29 still finding themselves unless something drastic has happened in their life. Some guys my age are aware of what they are doing and they use their age as an excuse to do whatever. I do understand where you are coming from though.

  4. All DL guys are not the same. They will quickly show you which category they fit into. Just like DL dudes are forbidden fruit for gays, the same is true in reverse.

    You have some that need someone to relate to more than anything. If you really try to come to their level and try to relate to them, instead of throwing that ASS on him because you’re caught up in that homo thug fantasy, you’ll find that you’re slowly influencing him.

    Some will grow out of it, while others will be more than happy to stay in the closet.

    Oh, but I hear these gay dudes saying “I’m not looking for a makeover project.” and “I don’t do closet cases”.

    Why because you’re immersing yourself in the plethora of available, out men? Lol these same dudes want nothing to do with dudes who are on the very SAME scene as they are.

    Bottom line. the more one fucks with dudes the more gay they become. The shit makes cocaine look like advil. Even the hardest DL dude will pick up gay habits the longer he fucks with dudes. These habits are usually “tells” for other DL and gay dudes.

      1. Lol. I think its because you too have very similar philosophies in men and the type of masculinity you prefer in said men. One of the best things about this blog is the multiple opinions and theories, it gives me a feel of seeing how you all experience the world and interpreting attached meanings to certain subjects and situations. At first, I was put off by your blog because we have a lot of differences in our modes of thinking- not dramatically different, but still very apparent to me. Yet, the more i read the more i have come to appreciate you and this space. 🙂

        1. ^well thank you king.
          i really appreciate that.
          i am grateful I have good people who comment.
          even if no one agrees with me,
          everyone still keeps it respectful.
          because of these comments,
          i grew up A LOT mentally.
          now, things i use to obsess over don’t mean as much to me anymore.

    1. I don’t really think it works like that, lol.Sounds like your living in a fairytale There is like a 10% chance that you will fuck with a DL dude that is about something. I think you are getting discreet and DL confused.

      1. I’m telling you what I’ve SEEN!

        I’ve seen guys go from attending DL sex parties to being curious about gay clubs, then meeting gay dudes, then taking dudes out on dates.

        Dl dudes are the enemy but gay dudes let them play mind games on them, let themselves have sex with them knowing they have a girlfriend/wife, and then let themselves get dick drunk and fall in love, and then let themselves believe he’ll leave his girl for you when you fell for the same image everyone else sees. Then they want to be jaded.

        All I’m saying is instead of going that route you can simply try to relate to them if you’ve been there before and maybe things will turn out different. If not, fine you walk away with your dignity and heart in tact.

        You guys give them too much credit like they’re diabolical. They lie and they like to fuck, not too much different from any other man.

      2. They lie and fuck like most men Jay, but they take lies and deceit to another level. I’ve lied about my sexuality before, but I don’t have a wife or girlfriend, and I don’t sleep with men while I’m with a woman, or do I cover myself to the fullest extent to the point where it hurts other people. I believe downlow men can be changed, but it’s a process. He also has to be confrotable in his skin, that’s what it’s manly about. Many downlow men don’t even think they are gay to begin with. They are so in denial they title themselves as sexual freaks instead of gay and bisexual.

      3. @Jay

        I don’t know…its just from my experience they are not a good look. I can do discreet, and sexually confused in the beginning…but DL..its really hard for me to come to terms with thinking in them in a more “acceptable” manner as it comes to dating. Like i can understand their pain, and feel for them, but to let them in my space…he would have to take my breathe away for me to really consider a DL guy (and thats not based on looks alone). Maybe if i have better experiences in the future i can be as understanding as you.

  5. Downlow men automatically have a bad rep. because they are known to have sex with men while continuing a relationship with a woman, or having sex with multiple women without disclosing their true sexuality with any of their sexual partners. Sometimes the men he’s sleeping with are aware of his ways and sometimes they aren’t. A few years ago, I used to not know that their was a difference between discreet and downlow, but now I fully understand the concept. I’m not gonna lie, yea I have wanted to fuck a couple of downlow dudes before, especially the ones that are my closest friends, but in the back of my mind I think about their ways and I’m just not interested in being in a sexual or emotional relationship with them because their really not worth one. I would never sleep with a downlow dude unless he can give me something, but it would have to be something that can change my life. Sometimes you have to use what you got to get what you want. I’m sure others would sleep with a downlow dude without thinking of his wife, baby mama, or girlfriend but I just can’t, it’s too messy, and I wasn’t raised to take something that isn’t mine. From what I have witnessed and experienced downlow guys are willing to drag your name in the mud to keep their reputation clear and are willing to do whatever it takes to not get caught. I’ve have guys come on to me and when I don’t give in to them they spread lies and basically the situation becomes messy. I been there twice, once when I was 14 and another when I was 16, so I know what I’m talking about. I think a close friend of mine tipped a dude off that I might be down because he introduced me to him one mourning and from then on ol dude was trying to get close and things got ugly as time passed. I’m stubborn and a little jaded when it comes to downlow dudes so I’m sure my opinion will never change.

  6. Trade/Down-Low wolves are only good for a good hit and quit every once in a while. I think you have to be a foot to think a relationship can work with someone on the down-low unless your on the down-low yourself. Anyways there are plenty of out and discrete masculine guys so why waste your time on someone who will never fully commit to you. Maybe this is me ranting because I’m getting older….23 lol but I don’t have time for games.

  7. I think they definatley get a bad rep. I don’t see anyhthing wrong with bein with a down-low guy (not even trying to sound shallow) as long as WE KEEP IT SAFE, He doesn’t get VIOLENT in any way with me, He doesn’t act like an asshole, and he cares about me I am fine. I would be willing to wait it out for him. Majority of the niggas/wolves in this game who us foxes find attractive are down low, so I don’t think people should think of them as low brow, Or give them a bad rep. Sure there are a lot of fucked up ones out there. But if you look closely, there are a lot of respectful, careful, caring, cool ones.

  8. I want nothing to do with a downlow man.

    I don’t mind a discreet man, but downlow men come with a lot of baggage and are paranoid. I won’t be hiding in anyone’s closet.

    1. Yeah, the mind games they play is insufferable…I delt with a couple in H.S., not even relationship, not dating,not fucking…just cool with them, and they started flirting and developing feelings…And i think i suffered the most. I really think it has affected m y perspective on men in general. Downlow is no way to go.

      1. I agree. In highschool many downlow dudes were flirt until you said something, and the thing is they liked to touch a lot. You know, play fighting and shit just to touch you. Had a friend like that, and he was sexy as fuck tho. I would flirt with him back too, he cared about me a lot actually, but no.

      2. @The Man

        I don’t mind at all. It was a lot of mind games…a lot, like some guys would tell me i love you and you my boy and shit on the low one minute, but when you saw something they don’t like or don’t want to be bother they call me a faggot, and when i got offended they just act like they never said it. There was a lot of akward staring.Sometimes physical altercations ( a lot of rough housing and homoerotic gestures). This one dude like basically put me in a head lock and thrusted his self into me on the day I got accepted into the NHS, like it was supposed to be congratulatory or something ( I kinda liked it but it still felt wrong). A lot of verbal abuse ( a lot of that was on my part too.lol). I even got called a hoe once out of the damn blue! (like nigga im a virgin and you fuck anything that moves, yet you calling me a hoe?). And it wasn’t just one guy, it was like threw and they were cool (two of them bestfriends) and it made me paranoid as fuck because they could share stuff about me with each other, but it wasn’t really anyone i could talk about it. Its was like a DL secret society, and i was the sacrificial lamb. The worst thing though is when they start dating mutual and fucking female friends, and they used to be so smug with that shit too. Sometimes I used to get mad but then i had to realize that they weren’t my niggas to begin with….It was just a lot of underhanded drama. Like niggas was acting like bitches, especially when you pay them no mind. Thats why i can’t do the DL thing, H.S. was just a fucking headache when it came to boys ( accept for the underclass men boys, they were cute, funny, and nice), but college seems to be a little better… a lot more cuteness and variety, a lot less stunts and bullshit.

      3. I call guys like that Moles, and everyone in this lifestyle has has at least one Mole in their circle. Moles are guys who are not faithful to their downlow and disceet friends. A Mole can be a close friend that you may suspect that’s gay or bi and vice versa, but neither of you may addressed the situation with eachother. The Mole goes around telling fellow downlow and disceet guys about you, or what they might susepct, then these guys he tells try to get close which makes the situation ugly if you don’t know them like that. When you link all those guys up, they all have your close friend in common.

        Men like this are the worst if you don’t want every discreet and downlow man to know about you.

      4. Absolutely, bruh! Mine was the captain on the basketball team in H.S. He used to tease me and I turned him out…not even on purpose….two wives, two girlfriends, and three daughters, one death, and one army career later….he is STILL calling and still Fucked up…all that was at least 30-35 years ago…lolol…smh…and yeah, sadly I am…(to answer the silent question)

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