Jaye Hardbody Pipe on Fleek!

jayepichardone of the f-bi sent me this a while ago.
better late than never right?
well one of the foxhole favs,
jaye hardbody,
has a shoot for “apeel magazine” digital premier issue.
it was him raw and uncut.
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Dreams Of F*cking A Down Low Wolf Dick (I’m Just Playin’ What I’m Sayin)

As I sit back relax
Steam a blunt, sip a Becks
Think about the sexy singers (niggas) that I wanna sex – Notorious BIG, Dreams.

i think some downlow wolves are sexy as shit.

i know.
what you want me to do?
i’m sorry.
my truth committed a sin and your life has been affected.
i’ll send you a “i’m sorry” card in the mail.
but check it out…
downlow men are always going to be sexy because:

  • forbidden “fruits” are always sweeter (no pun intended)
  • the maximum fantasy
  • the sex unhinges the bed

it is normal to be attracted to something you can’t have.
why do you think celebrities are in business?
i think people are always curious about things that are forbidden.
with anything forbidden, it can come with a lot of problems.
i also think downlow is always glorified as a witch hunt.
explains why some of them do what they do.
but, what if you met a downlow guy who was willing to follow all your rules…
…as long as you respected his?
is that still wrong?
is he still a demon who needs to be beaten with a cross?
i started to wonder…

What is really wrong with being on the down low?

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Crazy, Stupid, Forbidden, Love

Why do we love things that do not love us?

Or, why do we like to chase things that are out of our leagues?
I’m not saying that the peasant cannot get his Baller Wolf.
HELL, even the whore has become the husband after all is said and done.
But what happens when you get into a situation where you do fall for someone,
and they do fall for you,
but it just isn’t possible to pursue it at that time being?

When it comes to forbidden love…

Is it better next lifetime?

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