Jaye Hardbody Pipe on Fleek!

jayepichardone of the f-bi sent me this a while ago.
better late than never right?
well one of the foxhole favs,
jaye hardbody,
has a shoot for “apeel magazine” digital premier issue.
it was him raw and uncut.

the rest of this shoot is very nsfw,
and not “for straight eyes”.
well unless you are looking for “body inspiration”.

giphyx click here to see all the uncut shots

holy guacamole.
i knew there was a reason i liked him…

“hi jaye”…
jEdzjcSpictures credited to: apeel magazine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Jaye Hardbody Pipe on Fleek!”

  1. Wassup, Jamari? Didn’t he do that shoot a few years ago? His body is bigger now. I ran across some gifs on Tumblr earlier this year. They were him holding, rubbing his bulge. It’s reported that he did a j/o vid.

  2. Wow I didn’t expect him to be that big, especially for a soft dick he’s still big. Man I can only imagine how big it gets when he’s hard.

  3. Photoshoot is probably close to a year old now. One of the pics of this shoot leaked on Tumblr awhile back. Dude is like a monster know, real swole. He is competing. Reminds me of former Gay poster boy Tyson Kobie who has put his Gay past behind him and competing in shows, both have gotten freakishly swole and IMO not for the better. But on another note it is something addictive about lifting weights and watching your body grow. Personally I liked them both leaner but each his own. This was a nice shoot by the way, Jaye does not disappoint

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