Crazy, Stupid, Forbidden, Love

Why do we love things that do not love us?

Or, why do we like to chase things that are out of our leagues?
I’m not saying that the peasant cannot get his Baller Wolf.
HELL, even the whore has become the husband after all is said and done.
But what happens when you get into a situation where you do fall for someone,
and they do fall for you,
but it just isn’t possible to pursue it at that time being?

When it comes to forbidden love…

Is it better next lifetime?

 I know a Vixen who is part of the circle I am in.
She is gorgeous and knows where she is trying to go in her life.
She isn’t trying to play the whore within circles,
but she is looking for a Wolf who isn’t D/L
(that is all that seems to hit on her)
and is willing to take care of her.

 We all work together and a Wolf who is an aspiring rapper is trying to get at her hard.
He has fallen for her from the first time he saw her and when he opened her mouth.
She seems to have that effect on Wolves that makes them want her.
He was told that she is off limits because you do not mix business with pleasure.
His assistant (who is a Vixen he knew of years) told him she felt uncomfortable.
He goes hard with how much he is attracted to her.
She doesn’t and is very polite, but you could see she is attracted to him.
He recently said he is willing to leave rap alone just for her.


But, I had to ask myself if they could speak without things getting messy?
Can they go about a relationship and  not fall into the traps of stardom?

He doesn’t have any money and she loves Wolves with money,
She hasn’t met every Wolf outside the circle.
while he has fucked a few Vixens amongst the circle.
 He is at a standstill in his career, while she is getting pretty established with hers.
She has her own spot, while he still lives at home.
She has dated Wolves like him and isn’t trying to go back.
He is going hard because he sees a “wife” in her.
All of this has created a big mess within the inner circle because he will not listen.

So i had to ask, how far would you go for someone you love?
Would you be willing to sacrifice your career or close friends?
Or, would you listen and just keep things at a distance?
Sometimes you meet someone and they take your entire breath away,
but I always say God has a funny sense of humor.

Who knows how this story will end up…
it is already starting to be written like a soap opera.

So,when it comes to love and forbidden love..

Why do we pick the wrong ones?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Crazy, Stupid, Forbidden, Love”

  1. We choose the ones who are unavailable because we’ve normalized this idea that you must conquer or win someone’s love and attention in order to validate ourselves. All of your time and effort will pay off and you’ll get a substantive return for the time you have invested. We choose the worst ones and try to change them by showing how much we like them and how great we are in hopes that they’ll make us the exception to their rule. It’s why a lot of us go for and try to turn straight men or men who are known to be the hit it and quit it types. It isn’t about ‘love’ it’s about trying to justify the time you’ve invested in someone who is probably part of a consistent theme of unavailable people you go for.

  2. Pretty much everything Vain has said, explains why someone would throw caution (and good credit) to the wind and literally go for broke…however:

    Tell your vixen friend to RUN. Girl don’t do it! She knows she likes men with money, he ain’t got no money, ain’t shit to talk about or discuss. How old is this aspiring rapper? Can he produce, ghostwrite, do something else in field? What are his immediate goals and what are their time limits?

    Love does not pay the bills.

    Sallie Mae does not give 23 fucks about you or your boo, they want their money.

    What exactly is he bringing to the table besides hard dick?

    A man is not a plan.

    Don’t do it. Look deep before leap.

  3. It wouldn’t work, she’s clearly out of his league. He sounds like a nice guy, but he has to get his life together first. If they did get together, she would have to support him while he’s still trying to pursue his career as a rapper. Another man in the same situation as this dude could come along and make her fall in love with him, especially if he shows her the love and affection she’s currently looking for. She will be blinded by the fact that he’s broke and still living at home with his parents. I’ve seen situations like this, a person can make you feel a certain type of way and swoop you off your feet and make you give up your whole life for them. Honestly, I wouldn’t really sacrifice my career for someone I love, but as I just stated, some people can make you feel a certain type of way. For example, I would give up a lot of things for the dude I’m feeling now and he doesn’t even know me, I don’t know, it’s just something about that dude.LOL.

  4. I feel like we pick the wrong ones because a lot of us think with the mentality of “once they get with me, and see what it’s like to be with a real man, and see what its like to have someone treat them right, they will change and not want anyone else!” in my experience people tend to adapt, more than they are able to change… This man is willing to adapt to your friends life, just so that he can have her, but the likelihood that she will end up dragging him along is pretty high. Now if she is willing to deal with everything that comes along with being in that relationship she could go for it.. Bcuz if he had ambition, she may be able to pull him up, but of not guaranteed he will just bring her down..

  5. I’m in that situation now, actually. Although, under different circumstances, in short, it’s the same thing: we can’t be together.
    God does have a funny sense of humor.
    I just pray I don’t end up bitter when the comedy show is all over.

  6. In terms of your friend, I would tell her to leave the situation alone. Completely.
    Part of the reason he wants her is because she doesn’t want him. She has her own thing going and men are attracted to that. I’ve always noticed when I tell guys how involved I am, they gravitate towards me. Same thing with her.

  7. I think we choose the wrong and bad ones cause what we think we needed isnt what’s really good for us. I think that the simplest way to put it. I think that she should atleast to give him a chance considering the fact that he is showing that he wants to be with her other than playing games which I know chicks hate.

  8. I dn’t think so. It’s all talk to me. He knows she is making money, has her own place, and her career is on the ups, she is doing it big. He wants to take advantage of her in my opinion, he wants her to take care of him, especially if he wants to quit his dreams and ambitions just to prove he wants to be with her. He’ll be sitting on the couch while she’s out there putting food on the table.

  9. I have always nixed the idea of mixing business with pleasure. No matter how much I was feeling someone, I never attempted to cross that line.

    They both need to leave well enough alone and continue to focus on their respective responsibilities. The last thing she needs is for everyone in and outside of the circle to know that she gave the cookie to some aspiring rapper. It’s not a good move for her, professionally or privately. He should be respectful of her and the job that she must fulfill, and stop trying to hit every vixen in this circle. That’s really not a good luck for him, either. He has probably already screwed up his chances of allowing his career to take flight because the “right’ people have heard about his “wrong” moves. It’s not worth it —especially this early.

    I would hope that someone I love would not put me in the position to sacrifice my career or friends for them. If love conquers all, then this too shall pass, and we should be able to work it out. However, if it doesn’t, we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get there.

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