so i did something stupid…

Even Benji is judging me…

i did something stupid and i had no choice but to take a heavy L.
the other night,
cousin hybrid asked me for my paypal so his mother could send me money.
it was around 350.
half sleep,
i wrote my email to him.
days go by and i see no money.
so i hit him up and asked what happened.

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i want to be stupid

what is the “right decision” to you?
do you go with:

a) the way you feel?
b) the way you think it will turn out?

i got to wondering about how folks make decisions

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How To Feel Small Around Big Balls

i can literally hear my mother in my ear.
so i hate feeling stupid.
i mean,
we all don’t like feeling stupid.
mine comes from years of mental abuse.
so i OD in working hard so i can master something.
in some cases,
it worked wonders.
like my new gig,
it is causing me to fuck up
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Don’t Be Stupid?

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.38.07 PMthis quote was interesting to me.
i had to wonder about the past and your “stupidity””.
was it being “stupid”,
or was it “lessons that needed to be learned”?
unless you are making the same mistakes over and over
well then,
that’s just stupid.

You Might Not Be Stupid So That Explains Your Suffering

287a57094f15ea514a8775a79968c45c…would it be better if i was stupid and heartless then?
i thought this quote was deep as hell tho.
i had to share with the foxhole.

found: here

I Hate Stupid Fuckin’ Assholes Like This!

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 2.19.57 PMi swear….
twitter has made people lose all common sense.
this can’t be real life and all for a j cole retweet

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