i want to be stupid

what is the “right decision” to you?
do you go with:

a) the way you feel?
b) the way you think it will turn out?

i got to wondering about how folks make decisions

the pretty vixen and i were having a really deep conversation today.
she decided to call me this morning while she was on break.
during our conversation,
she said:

“stupid people just DO it.
smart people THINK about the outcome before they do it,
which leads them to not doing it at all.
there are a ton of stupid successful people.
there also are a ton of smart people who aren’t.
they always have to plan the what if and how comes,
or waiting for the right moment,
and end up doing nothing at all with their smarts.”

i found that to be incredibly deep and life altering.
have you noticed…

your boss is kinda stupid?
most celebs are kinda stupid?
a majority of attentionistos/nistas are really stupid?

she used draya as an example.
she was an ex stripper who has a successful bikini line now.
she quoted that draya said didn’t know anything about making clothes.
she got 12,000 to start it and just did it.
she has made some pretty dumb decisions in her past,
but look at her now.

in my life,
i like to think i’m a stupid,
but a very smart fox.
with little things,
i take a stupid approach and it ends up working out.
there are times i’ve bought something expensive,
off a whim,
and still was good for rent/food/survival.
for bigger things,
i tend to try and plan it out so it would be perfect.

There is no such thing as the “right” decision

i’m interested in being a little more stupid.
*my mind went trying to figure out how to be more stupid.

once i realized that i’m truly alone with no help,
or no parents to lean on,
i got too “smart” for my own good.
2019 is the year to be more stupid and see what happens.

low-key: don’t get this confused with not having any common sense.
some things are just a no go,
but how do you know if it is or not?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “i want to be stupid”

  1. Like Steve Jobs once said “if I have an option to hired a smart or lazy person, I’d hire the lazy person because they’d get it done without all the work”. (Not sure if those are the exact words lol). But I’ve always thought this, al, the smart people I knew in high school are doing bad, not so smart people? Doing GREAT! Business owners. It’s crazy lol

      1. The actual quote.. Well at least one of many… “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

  2. I think there has to be balance and that balance is called wisdom.

    These same stupid people may have money, but they may not know how to keep and invest it. If they are really stupid, then they may have a financial advisor that may be finessing them out of thier money.
    I like to think of myself as smart, but not so much that the plans I have in place for my life end up in production hell.
    Beauty fades, money (can) fades, but intelligence won’t. Know when to hold, fold, and walk away.

  3. I think if you’re going to compare your path to someone..they should have something in common.

    Draya is a woman.

    She got on by being cute and passed around.

    She’s also straight.

    It’s not going to be as clear-cut being a gay Black man. Many of these gay designers/stylists/celebrity hairstylists…get put on by selling their identity to a straight woman and remaining in the background. She takes their lingo..style..mannerisms…does Tamar ring a bell? You can maybe be successful by association.

    Unless you go the Jussie Smollett route. Pretending to be straight but being gay adjacent. He did gay projects before Empire.

    It’s going to be difficult..but it’s possible 🙂

    Also…Draya..will always be known as a stripper…so her reputation precedes her. She”s..not likely to have her items shown at Fashion Week.

    1. ^it was moreso not her,
      but the point of someone who is kinda stupid who is successful not knowing what they’re doing.

      as a male,
      i could have said trump.
      he doesn’t know what he is doing,
      but he is the leader of this entire country.

      the gender wasn’t meant to be compared to my story.
      the pretty vixen mentioned her.

  4. Very 1st chapter of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F” touches on this and tells you exactly how to be so. I’m telling yal don’t sleep on this book. Except Jammy we know you got this. Lol. All love no shade

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