shannon brown shows us what he’s bringing into 2019

^when he was a snack…
how do you want to go into the
maybe like ex baller wolf and monica’s house-hubby,
shannon brown?
this is what he just put up on his ig..

me either.

21 thoughts on “shannon brown shows us what he’s bringing into 2019

  1. This brings it back… FLASHBACKS… I can’t get that lockerroom footage after the game when Derek Fisher is getting a full eye of Shannon’s tight muscle ass. LAWD….

  2. Back in 2011 while hanging out in Los Angeles at the NBA All Star Weekend, I had a chance to see Mr. Brown up close while he was signing autographs for fans at the NBA Experience at the L.A. Convention Center. When I tell you this man was one of the most breath taking beautiful men I had ever seen. His skin was flawless not a blemish or mark. Just low cut fade, nice outfit overall good grooming. I am not sure if he was with Monica at that time but I do know that he was drop dead gorgeous. Personally, he is not my type of dude but I have to give him Props at that time he had it going on. He still seems to be in pretty good shape and still pretty easy on the eyes.

  3. He has a thrust with him. You can tell by the ending that he will hate f**k you. Of course this his nothing to do with his overall stamina.

    Not much else to say.

  4. I am searching for the difference between this and the thirstraps “professional trainers” and “models” on IG do.

    He’s light-skinned.
    He is in shape.
    Shouldn’t the gays be drooling?

      1. ^if it was coordinated,
        shannon didn’t do a full out routine.

        he milly rocked,
        stared at the screen,
        looked at the screen,
        took his shirt off,
        air humped,
        pumped up joe chest,
        and walked off like he shot a 3 pointer.

        1. The air humping indicates he knows how to show No Mercy in bed. This wasn’t about dancing to me. I was looking at the cakes and his crotch.

  5. I’m all for a sexy goofball. That was a mad turn on for me. The turnoff was him checking to see if his mama was gone walk in the door. Lol

    But I’m here for it. He’s mad sexy to me. I’ll take goofy over arrogant anyday.

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