Dreams Of F*cking A Down Low Wolf Dick (I’m Just Playin’ What I’m Sayin)

As I sit back relax
Steam a blunt, sip a Becks
Think about the sexy singers (niggas) that I wanna sex – Notorious BIG, Dreams.

i think some downlow wolves are sexy as shit.

i know.
what you want me to do?
i’m sorry.
my truth committed a sin and your life has been affected.
i’ll send you a “i’m sorry” card in the mail.
but check it out…
downlow men are always going to be sexy because:

  • forbidden “fruits” are always sweeter (no pun intended)
  • the maximum fantasy
  • the sex unhinges the bed

it is normal to be attracted to something you can’t have.
why do you think celebrities are in business?
i think people are always curious about things that are forbidden.
with anything forbidden, it can come with a lot of problems.
i also think downlow is always glorified as a witch hunt.
explains why some of them do what they do.
but, what if you met a downlow guy who was willing to follow all your rules…
…as long as you respected his?
is that still wrong?
is he still a demon who needs to be beaten with a cross?
i started to wonder…

What is really wrong with being on the down low?

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