Frank Ocean’s “Bust” Was Not What You Think

so the gossip blogs got it completely wrong

maybe we got a little excited?…

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This Is What Hate Reads Like (Father Disowns His Son For Being Gay)

now people can get an idea why people remain dl.
it’s almost like you are swimming with crocodiles if people do not accept your lifestyle.

even those people who were suppose to protect you,
like your family.
sadly, shit like this makes you stay in the closet.
this is why i have a huge issue when people out people.
you never know the repercussions of your actions doing that.

how can a father disown his own son?
ask james.
he will show you…

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I want you to imagine deep diving in the following cakes…
But, before you do, I want you to picture this.

You throw your life jacket on and about to dive all in his ocean.

Do you dive head first?
Are you looking to go… all the way in?
Do you like to create waves to slap against his shore?
Plunge inside deep so you can create salty tears.

Try to go far out so you can make rough seas.
So you will feel like you are drowning as his walls pull you underneath…

I want you to close your eyes and think about that for 3 seconds.




Now dive in…

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Lay Down Some Rubber (24)


Here is another edition for you guys.

It has been about the Wolves for a while now.
We have to change that fellas.

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