Frank Ocean’s “Bust” Was Not What You Think

so the gossip blogs got it completely wrong

maybe we got a little excited?…

Singer Frank Ocean learned an important lesson on New Year’s Eve — don’t speed when you got pot in your pocket … and now, he’s paying the price.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, Ocean was pulled over in Mono County, CA for going roughly 90 in a 65 — and when officers approached his black BMW, they smelled the odor of marijuana emanating from his vehicle.

According to law enforcement, cops searched Ocean and found a small bag of pot on his person.

We’re told Ocean was cited for marijuana possession, driving on a suspended license, and tinted windows.

Ocean was released on the spot, but his passenger had to drive him home — because cops confiscated Ocean’s license.

Calls to Ocean’s camp weren’t returned.


the throat story was a little bit more exciting.

2 thoughts on “Frank Ocean’s “Bust” Was Not What You Think

  1. Lmao, why do people with suspended licenses always wanna speed and do drugs, just a question, I know I will never get the answer too. Its like its a right of passage now for a young entertainer to get arrested or charged with drug possession or some type of offense. Of course the blogs and most black folks are still going to believe it was something sinful and gay going on in the car. Oh well life goes on.

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