Lebron James is Ugly-Sexy

You ever see a dude who is not all that attarctive.
I mean, he is kinda hit in the face.
But he got that something that is attractive though.
He got some swagg that makes you want to give him some.

Well that is Lebron James for me.


When I first saw Lebron, I wanted him….bad.
He has been on my J.O.B list anytime I see him.
He is like that dude you call when you are REAL horny…
Cause he know he will come thru and break your fine ass off with some GOOD dick.

I bet he has a nice dick too.
I would ride that mofo
until the wheels fell off…. then put a donut and ride some more.

I do not know what he did but he switched my radar on.
Maybe it was the cockiness or that innocent look in his eye.
Either way, I’d climb that mountain with NO hesitation.

It’s not even the money or the “King James” title.
Although I have fantasies…
of screaming “You’re The King” as he is breakin my back…
But seriously…
If he asked me for my number in real life,
and he was just a regular kat, I’d give it to him.

Have that mofo wrapped right around my finger too.

I don’t care what anyone thinks.
Lebron James can dribble his balls up and down my backcourt…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Lebron James is Ugly-Sexy”

  1. Damn, Jamari. I love it when you break it down for these wolves. I love myself some King James too. You who else I love Gary Payton, Dwayne Wade, and Cutino Mobley!

  2. He’s attractive in that sort of “big and fine” kind of way. He isn’t all that cute in the face but hes tall, has a nice body, tatted up, and he’s masculine. Guys don’t have to be gorgeous… to be attractive.

    1. “Guys don’t have to be gorgeous… to be attractive.”

      And he fits the bill. Plus he is funny and charming.
      *swoons a lil*
      Excuse me… I’m getting a little hot…

  3. yes lebron all day long. i believe its also his athleticism. he is good at what he does. that in itself is sexy. vince carter and lebron are my nba crushes. lebron is a mix of good/bad guy. right mix of both.

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