Soulja Boi Outed… Yet Again?

This one is an upgrade rather than the chubby one flaunting his LV purse.
*zips lips*

Where the the loyality these days?
Is EVERYONE running their mouthes for 15 minutes of lame?
Hard dick and no bubble gum?

At least stay in the game until you get a condo.

I’m a little disappointed in Soulja Boy.
He should know better.
After Kat Stacks and the Krispy Kreme,
you would think he would put a privacy stamp on his jump offs?

I just CAN’T with him.

here is our froggy friend with the outing details.

Who do you believe?


10 thoughts on “Soulja Boi Outed… Yet Again?

    1. If by vers you mean he likes it on his back w/his legs in the air, or on his knees (doggy-style), then I’m in agreement…lol

  1. I don’t say this too often, but it feels appropriate: Boy, bye.

    Soulja gots ta be a fox, cuz I can’t see that lil skinny thing climbing on someone’s back…he’s madd tiny

  2. First off…who doesn’t know Soulja Boys real name? Talkin bout “Deandre but you know him better as Soulja Boi”

    And you KNOW this aint the first dude Soulja Boi has ever talked to…

    This nigga is stupid and Queens can’t keep their mouth closed…

    1. Stevie – YES!!!! He fucked up with his whole story.
      He sitting up there skinnin’ and grinnin’
      in the camera like he has made a world shattering confession.

      You don’t even have 15 minutes of fame.
      He has 2 seconds of fame.

      And he has 10,000 followers.
      Taste has officially left the building.

  3. I was waiting for it to load like “please be cute, please be cute, please be cute….eh.” Once she said “We haven’t met yet” i stopped watching. Bytch please! What did she get out of that? I don’t believe its true mainly because she didn’t show any proof. Kat Stacks had PROOF! And even still… YOU NEVER MET HIM! He’s probably hittin’ up other groupies for attention too. It must be a trend to say you’ve been with an artists and try to get it posted on a blog. These girls need to get a life (and some self-esteem).

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